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$Id: README.src,v 1.2 1999/07/03 14:46:37 gdr-ftp Exp $

Have a look in the NOTES directory, especially the files "status"
and "notes.*".  There are notes in there on changed header files --
I have tried to minimize the impact on your work due to changed header
files, but there are a few to note.  Here are two other comments
from the "notes.*" file that I would like to bring to your attention:

        Currently there is a problem with the nroff package,
        and many of the man pages will not look right on the
        IIgs.  I'm working on an update of nroff.  Putting it under
        Insight has shown a significant number of memory trashing
        bugs (which are now gone).

        I'm not done mkso yet (mkso is the program that creates
        the .so links required for the various manual pages).  I
        still have to make it check for the legality of file names
        on the current file system.  I also plan to make it such
        that one can place those .so links that require HFS on 
        another partition, and still have them find the sourced

I've also included built versions of libc and libutil.  IT IS CRITICAL
THEY WERE COMPILED, since struct FILE has changed.  See the comments in
the NOTES/README.beta and orcacdefs/defaults.h files.

Also as a reminder, the gno-beta mailing list has been set up.  To
join it, send email to <> with the following text
and nothing else in the body of the message:
	subscribe gno-beta