2013-08-11 16:41:26 -04:00

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* timeout while receiving data?
* orca/merlin compatability
* gopher -I ; gopher -I http://someplace else
- the second invocation sometimes returns the results of the first.
- seems to be an issue with the DNS lookup as it is, in fact, connecting
to the wrong address.
- gopher -i http://... crashed, possibly in setfileattr (which should have even been called)
* "-o file" to output to a named file.
* "-O" to output to file based on url
* timeout for URL connection.
* set filetype/auxtype based on extension? (mostly for .c/.h files)
* Marinetti ReadLine bug?
- TCPIPReadLineTCP rlrBuff.count is sometimes wildly inaccurate.
- bug identified. Using ReadLine2 as a workaround (plus it's easier)