lots of crashy/bugfixes from last commit

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Christopher Shepherd 2015-05-11 13:48:27 -04:00
parent 5b86a10e6a
commit 14ff01ac6b
2 changed files with 24 additions and 17 deletions

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@ -636,8 +636,10 @@ sendloop2 PushWord #0000
cmp #2
bne noevent3
bra CTSClose3
noevent3 jsr SMB_Negotiate_Poll
noevent3 PushLong MySMBHandle
jsr SMB_Negotiate_Poll
pla ; get negotiation status
bcc sendloop2
login PushLong CTSWinPtr
@ -645,7 +647,7 @@ login PushLong CTSWinPtr
PushLong #CTSTextB
jmp SMB_staging_brk ; die so we can inspect things
jmp SMB_input_brk ; die so we can inspect things
closed PushLong CTSWinPtr
PushWord #1350
@ -1082,6 +1084,7 @@ SMB_dialect asc 02'NT LM 0.12'00 ; the only dialect we're gonna speak
* also SMB_max_transmit size should go up to 65535 and use an allocated bank like Marinetti does
SMB_staging_brk brk 00 ; jump here to crash somewhere where you can easily inspect the generated SMB datagram
SMB_staging ds SMB_max_transmit_size+2
SMB_input_brk brk 00
SMB_input ds SMB_max_net_read_size ; TODO Memory Manage this eh
@ -1164,6 +1167,8 @@ SMB_Negotiate_Poll
PullLong SMB_sessid ; your smb sessid
PushWord #0000 ; space for result
ldy #SMB_sess_ipid-SMB_sess_begin
lda [SMB_sessid],y
@ -1188,16 +1193,17 @@ SMB_Negotiate_Poll
PushLong #SMB_max_net_read_size
PushLong #readbuf
beq nf_trampoline
cmp #terrBADIPID
beq nf_trampoline
jsr _SMB_Check ; do basic check to make sure we received SMB data
bcs np_trampoline ; if not, wait for them to send again i guess
lda SMB_input+SMB_offset_cmd
` lda SMB_input+SMB_offset_cmd
cmp #SMB_neg_protocol
bne np_trampoline ; punt if not protocol negotiation reply
@ -1221,35 +1227,35 @@ nf_trampoline jmp nego_failed
np_trampoline jmp nego_proceeding
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+2
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+3
and #$01
ldy #SMB_sess_seclvl-SMB_sess_begin
sta [SMB_sessid],y ; save session security level (1=user level, 0=share level)
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+3
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+4
and #$ff
ldy #SMB_sess_maxmpx-SMB_sess_begin
sta [SMB_sessid],y ; save session MaxMPX
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+5
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+6
and #$ff
ldy #SMB_sess_maxvcs-SMB_sess_begin
sta [SMB_sessid],y ; save session MaxVCS
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+7
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+8
ldy #SMB_sess_maxbuffer-SMB_sess_begin
sta [SMB_sessid],y ; save session maxbuffer
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+15
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+16
ldy #SMB_sess_skey-SMB_sess_begin
sta [SMB_sessid],y ; save skey
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+19
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+20
ldy #SMB_sess_caps-SMB_sess_begin
sta [SMB_sessid],y
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+21
lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+22
sta [SMB_sessid],y ; save server capabilities
; TODO serverTime
@ -1287,7 +1293,7 @@ challenge_used lda #$0001
getdomain ldy #SMB_sess_domain-SMB_sess_begin
ldx #00
gdloop lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+50,x
gdloop lda SMB_input+SMB_header_size+45,x
and #$ff00
cmp #0000
@ -1323,12 +1329,13 @@ nego_proceeding plx ; our return address
* _SMB_Check - Check to see if TCP received data is SMB
_SMB_Check lda SMB_input
_SMB_Check lda SMB_input+SMB_offset_proto
cmp #SMB_proto1
bne check_inv
lda SMB_staging+2
lda SMB_input+SMB_offset_proto+2
cmp #SMB_proto2
bne check_inv ; starts with 'SMB'\ff
check_inv sec

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