Some minor bug fixes

- New Video register was missing Linearize Video Memory bit
- Memory copy loops were starting one byte past the end and skipping the 0th byte
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blondie7575 2017-07-25 19:03:55 -07:00
parent f359ac2563
commit d39fe0fbed

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@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ HelloStr str 'HELLO KANSASFEST'
* Turn on SHR mode *
GraphicsOn sep #$30 ;8-bit mode
lda #$81 ;%1000 0001
lda #$C1 ;%1100 0001
stal $00C029 ;Turn on SHR mode
rep #$30 ;back to 16-bit mode
@ -78,14 +78,14 @@ SetPaletteColor pha ;save accumulator
ClearToColor ldx #$7D00 ;start at top of pixel data! ($2000-9D00)
:clearloop dex
stal $E12000,x ;screen location
stal $E11FFE,x ;screen location
bne :clearloop ;loop until we've worked our way down to 0
SetSCBs ldx #$0100 ;set all $100 scbs to A
:scbloop dex
stal $E19D00,x
stal $E19CFE,x
bne :scbloop