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Stephen Heumann
16cd3c0619 Merge with BusyBox 1.24.0.
There's really only one bug fix in here that should be significant for GNO hush. The other changes should be inconsequential, AFAIK.
2015-10-17 01:10:35 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
95bcfc3b6e Remove libbb/copyfd.c and an unused function that was its only caller. 2014-11-20 20:00:21 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
4d60cd1043 Fixes for environment variable handling on GNO:
* Push/pop environment to make sure it is isolated from our parents and children.
* Make all environment vars (and shell vars) case-insensitive, consistent with GNO's internal handling of environment vars.
* Wrap putenv and unsetenv to make sure they are called with lower-case variable names, which is necessary to maintain consistency between the environ array and the kernel's internal representation of variables.
2014-11-20 13:21:23 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
078f526df7 Fixes for terminal behavior on the GNO console 2014-11-19 12:52:05 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
6bd3b140ea Misc. fixes related to file handling:
*Use .null instead of /dev/null
*Account for GNO's dup2(), which non-standardly returns 0 on success
*Always call open with appropriate number of arguments
*Use STDIN_FILENO instead of (implicitly) 0
2014-11-07 19:23:04 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
f52d5394bf Change code using 0/1/2 for stdin/stdout/stderr file descriptors to use macros instead, to properly deal with their different numbers on GNO. 2014-11-06 18:14:15 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
036b92595c Address some link errors with various small changes.
The most significant change is to at use malloc instead of alloca in the code to evaluate shell arithmetic expressions in shell/math.c.
2014-11-03 23:29:34 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
32e9dccc33 Fix the implementation of vasprintf to work with ORCA/C's varargs implementation. Also, shrink the stack-allocated buffer in it.
This code could theoretically break if the ORCA/C varargs implementation changed, but it should be OK in practice.

Also removed some unused code in libbb/xfuncs.printf.c that includes potentially problematic varargs use (defining varargs functions but not necessarily calling va_start/va_end in them).
2014-11-03 16:08:43 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
051b79efc1 Move all the source files to 15-character ProDOS-compatible file names.
Dmake gets confused if you use over-15-character file names, so they needed to be shortened to get it to work. While I was at it, I also switched _ to . in the filenames so they're fully ProDOS compatible.

The shell/hush_test directory (not needed to build the code) still uses ProDOS-incompatible file names.
2014-11-02 22:11:07 -06:00