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2012-05-05 00:11:15 +00:00
#include "s16debug.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <tcpip.h>
#include <tcpipx.h>
#pragma optimize 79
#pragma noroot
static char buffer[512];
static Word CheckSweet16(void)
static Word Sweet16 = -1;
if (Sweet16 == -1)
* Apple II tech note 201
word emu_id = 0;
word emu_version = 0;
asm {
// the lda ..,x is to prevent
// the 2nd lda from being optimized out.
lda #0
ldx #0
sep #0x20
sta >0x00c04f,x
lda >0x00c04f,x
sta <emu_id
lda >0x00c04f,x
sta <emu_version
rep #0x20
if (emu_id == 0x16 && emu_version >= 0x23) Sweet16 = 1;
else Sweet16 = 0;
return Sweet16;
void s16_debug_puts(const char *str)
if (!CheckSweet16()) return;
asm {
ldx <str+2
ldy <str
cop 0x84
void s16_debug_dump(const char *bytes, unsigned length)
static const char *HexMap = "0123456789abcdef";
if (!CheckSweet16()) return;
while (length)
Word i, j, l;
l = 16;
if (l > length) l = length;
memset(buffer, ' ', sizeof(buffer));
for (i = 0, j = 0; i < l; ++i)
unsigned x = bytes[i];
buffer[j++] = HexMap[x >> 4];
buffer[j++] = HexMap[x & 0x0f];
if (i == 7) j++;
buffer[50 + i] = isascii(x) && isprint(x) ? x : '.';
buffer[50 + 16 + 1] = 0;
length -= l;
bytes += l;
void s16_debug_printf(const char *format, ...)
// need to format the data even if sweet-16 is
// not present in order to clean up the stack.
va_list ap;
va_start(ap, format);
vsnprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), format, ap);
void s16_debug_srbuff(const srBuff *sb)
if (!CheckSweet16()) return;
s16_debug_printf("%04x %04x %08lx %08lx %08lx %04x %04x %04x",
s16_debug_printf(" srState: $%04x", sb->srState);
s16_debug_printf(" srNetworkError: $%04x", sb->srNetworkError);
s16_debug_printf(" srSndQueued: $%08lx", sb->srSndQueued);
s16_debug_printf(" srRcvQueued: $%08lx", sb->srRcvQueued);
s16_debug_printf(" srDestIP: $%08lx", sb->srDestIP);
s16_debug_printf(" srDestPort: $%04x", sb->srDestPort);
s16_debug_printf(" srConnectType: $%04x", sb->srConnectType);
s16_debug_printf(" srAcceptCount: $%04x", sb->srAcceptCount);
void s16_debug_tcp(unsigned ipid)
userRecordPtr ur;
userRecordHandle urh;
if (!CheckSweet16()) return;
urh = TCPIPGetUserRecord(ipid);
if (!urh) return;
ur = *urh;
if (!ur) return;
if (!ur->uwUserID) return;
// -- auto-generated --
s16_debug_printf(" uwUserID: $%04x", ur->uwUserID);
s16_debug_printf(" uwDestIP: $%08lx", ur->uwDestIP);
s16_debug_printf(" uwDestPort: $%04x", ur->uwDestPort);
s16_debug_printf(" uwIP_TOS: $%04x", ur->uwIP_TOS);
s16_debug_printf(" uwIP_TTL: $%04x", ur->uwIP_TTL);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSourcePort: $%04x", ur->uwSourcePort);
s16_debug_printf(" uwLogoutPending: $%04x", ur->uwLogoutPending);
s16_debug_printf(" uwICMPQueue: $%08lx", ur->uwICMPQueue);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPQueue: $%08lx", ur->uwTCPQueue);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPMaxSendSeg: $%04x", ur->uwTCPMaxSendSeg);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPMaxReceiveSeg: $%04x", ur->uwTCPMaxReceiveSeg);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPDataInQ: $%08lx", ur->uwTCPDataInQ);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPDataIn: $%08lx", ur->uwTCPDataIn);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPPushInFlag: $%04x", ur->uwTCPPushInFlag);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPPushInOffset: $%08lx", ur->uwTCPPushInOffset);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPPushOutFlag: $%04x", ur->uwTCPPushOutFlag);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPPushOutSEQ: $%08lx", ur->uwTCPPushOutSEQ);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCPDataOut: $%08lx", ur->uwTCPDataOut);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSND_UNA: $%08lx", ur->uwSND_UNA);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSND_NXT: $%08lx", ur->uwSND_NXT);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSND_WND: $%04x", ur->uwSND_WND);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSND_UP: $%04x", ur->uwSND_UP);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSND_WL1: $%08lx", ur->uwSND_WL1);
s16_debug_printf(" uwSND_WL2: $%08lx", ur->uwSND_WL2);
s16_debug_printf(" uwISS: $%08lx", ur->uwISS);
s16_debug_printf(" uwRCV_NXT: $%08lx", ur->uwRCV_NXT);
s16_debug_printf(" uwRCV_WND: $%04x", ur->uwRCV_WND);
s16_debug_printf(" uwRCV_UP: $%04x", ur->uwRCV_UP);
s16_debug_printf(" uwIRS: $%08lx", ur->uwIRS);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_State: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_State);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_StateTick: $%08lx", ur->uwTCP_StateTick);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_ErrCode: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_ErrCode);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_ICMPError: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_ICMPError);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_Server: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_Server);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_ChildList: $%08lx", ur->uwTCP_ChildList);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_ACKPending: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_ACKPending);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_ForceFIN: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_ForceFIN);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_FINSEQ: $%08lx", ur->uwTCP_FINSEQ);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_MyFINACKed: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_MyFINACKed);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_Timer: $%08lx", ur->uwTCP_Timer);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_TimerState: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_TimerState);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_rt_timer: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_rt_timer);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_2MSL_timer: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_2MSL_timer);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_SaveTTL: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_SaveTTL);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_SaveTOS: $%04x", ur->uwTCP_SaveTOS);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_TotalIN: $%08lx", ur->uwTCP_TotalIN);
s16_debug_printf(" uwTCP_TotalOUT: $%08lx", ur->uwTCP_TotalOUT);
s16_debug_printf(" uwUDP_Server: $%04x", ur->uwUDP_Server);
s16_debug_printf(" uwUDPQueue: $%08lx", ur->uwUDPQueue);
s16_debug_printf(" uwUDPError: $%04x", ur->uwUDPError);
s16_debug_printf(" uwUDPErrorTick: $%08lx", ur->uwUDPErrorTick);
s16_debug_printf(" uwUDPCount: $%08lx", ur->uwUDPCount);