Jeremy Rand 51f8ff5574 Remove the work on trying to support a BabelFish translator. Chris Vavruska has picked it up because I was struggling with dealing with the 64K code resource limit. His code is here:
My plan is to go forward with just a shell command which is focused only on markdown to Teach file conversion, intended to be used in my build engine under Golden Gate.
2021-06-22 23:56:19 -04:00

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* translate.h
* md2teach
* Created by Jeremy Rand on 2021-04-24.
#ifndef _GUARD_PROJECTmd2teach_FILEtranslate_
#define _GUARD_PROJECTmd2teach_FILEtranslate_
#include "md4c.h"
extern int parse(const MD_CHAR* text, MD_SIZE size);
#endif /* define _GUARD_PROJECTmd2teach_FILEtranslate_ */