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Rebecca Heineman
10ea4b36ea Rebuilt tools
Updated the Mac and PC tools to convert IIgs video files back into
animated GIF files.
2015-07-31 01:06:19 -07:00
Will Scullin
7032d3b651 Fix executable bit. 2015-07-30 18:57:22 -07:00
Rebecca Heineman
7fd252644d Added video assets
Added all video assets encoded as GIF files and included the packvideo
tool that will compress the art into the IIgs native format. Binaries
for Mac and PC are supplied
2015-07-30 01:01:53 -07:00
Rebecca Heineman
0e2309d465 Updated execution permissions 2015-07-08 12:50:26 -07:00
Rebecca Heineman
a92120827c Initial Checkin
From the archives of 1991
2015-07-08 12:48:09 -07:00