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@ -0,0 +1,43 @@
KICAD = /Applications/KiCad/
LAYERS = F.Cu,In1.Cu,In2.Cu,B.Cu,F.Paste,F.SilkS,B.SilkS,F.Mask,B.Mask,Edge.Cuts
F_PCB = $@/../MacIIROMSIMM.kicad_pcb
F_SCH = $@/../MacIIROMSIMM.kicad_sch
F_POS = $@/MacIIROMSIMM-top-pos.csv
F_ZIP = $@/
F_SCHPDF = $@/MacIIROMSIMM.4402C-Schematic.pdf
F_PCBPDF = $@/MacIIROMSIMM.4402C-Placement.pdf
OPT_GERBER = -l $(LAYERS) --subtract-soldermask --no-netlist --no-x2
CMD_GERBER = pcb export gerbers $(OPT_GERBER) -o $@/ $(F_PCB)
CMD_DRILL = pcb export drill -o $@/ $(F_PCB)
OPT_POS = --smd-only --units mm --side front --format csv
CMD_POS = pcb export pos $(OPT_POS) -o $(F_POS) $(F_PCB)
CMD_SCHPDF = sch export pdf --black-and-white --no-background-color -o $(F_SCHPDF) $(F_SCH)
CMD_PCBPDF = pcb export pdf --black-and-white -l F.Fab,Edge.Cuts -o $(F_PCBPDF) $(F_PCB)
.PHONY: all clean gerber Documentation
all: gerber Documentation
rm -fr gerber/
rm -f Documentation/MacIIROMSIMM.4402C-Schematic.pdf
rm -f Documentation/MacIIROMSIMM.4402C-Placement.pdf
mkdir -p $@
sed -i '' 's/PosX/MidX/g' $(F_POS)
sed -i '' 's/PosY/MidY/g' $(F_POS)
sed -i '' 's/Rot/Rotation/g' $(F_POS)
zip -r $(F_ZIP) $@/
mkdir -p $@