Mirror the Mac SE video over VGA
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Simple CPLD project to mirror the Mac SE video over VGA. The image is pixel-doubled to 1024x684 and displayed letterboxed (black borders) in a 1024x768 video frame. Device snoops writes to the frame buffer memory locations and caches the data to its own VRAM for display. Plugs into the PDS slot in a Mac SE, or plugs in place of the CPU on Mac SE, Plus, or 512k models (128k Mac could be made to work with some adjustment to the CPLD configuration, but is not a configuration supported by the memory selection jumpers). Tested and working on a Mac SE and a Mac Plus, both with 4MB of RAM.

Circuit uses a single AFT1508AS-7AX100 CPLD, a pair of 256kbit (32kx8) 15ns or faster SRAM, a 13MHz crystal with 5x clock multiplier for 65MHz pixel clock, along with some passives.

Bill of Materials

Qty Manufacturer Part No. Name Description
1 Microchip ATF1508AS-7AX100 LOGIC ATF1508AS or EPM7128 CPLD, TQFP-100
1 Renesas / IDT 511MLF CLK Programmable Clock Multiplier, SO-8
1 ECS ECS-130-20-46X XTAL 13MHz Crystal, HC-46X or HC-49UP
1 TE Connectivity 650473-5 PDS DIN 41612 Right-angle 3x32 pin male connector
5 C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 0.1uF Decoupling Capacitor, 0805
2 C6, C7 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor
2 C8, C9 20pF Capacitor, 0805
2 R3, R4, R5 10k pullup resistor, 0805 or axial
3 R2 460 ohm resistor, 0805 or axial
3 R1 75 ohm resistor, 0805 or axial
1 PGM 2x5 pin header for CPLD JTAG programming
1 VGA 2x5 pin header for VGA adapter
1 RAMSIZE 3x2 jumper
1 BRD 64-pin DIP header, male
1 CPU 64-pin DIP socket, female

Frame Buffer Addressing

The Mac primary framebuffer starts at 0x5900 below the top of RAM. Since it's not in a static location for every system, the system's memory configuration is needed. This is set by three ramSize jumpers, which mask CPU address bits 21, 20, 19. Not all possible ramSize selections are valid memory sizes when using 30-pin SIMMs in the Mac SE. In theory, these combinations could be possible when using PDS memory expansion cards, but this is unlikely. The chart below indicates the valid & invalid ramSize configurations and the corresponding installed SIMM combinations.

ramSize Main Framebuffer Alt Framebuffer RAM Top Address + 1 RAM Size Installed SIMMs
111 0x3fa700 0x3f2700 0x400000 4.0MB [ 1MB 1MB ][ 1MB 1MB ]
110 0x37a700 0x372700 0x380000 3.5MB Invalid combination
101 0x2fa700 0x2f2700 0x300000 3.0MB Invalid combination
100 0x27a700 0x272700 0x280000 2.5MB [ 1MB 1MB ][256kB 256kB]
011 0x1fa700 0x1f2700 0x200000 2.0MB [ 1MB 1MB ][ --- --- ]
010 0x17a700 0x172700 0x180000 1.5MB Invalid combination
001 0x0fa700 0x0f2700 0x100000 1.0MB [256kB 256kB][256kB 256kB]
000 0x07a700 0x072700 0x080000 0.5MB [256kB 256kB][ --- --- ]

CPLD Pin Assignments

signal Direction Pin
cpuAddr[23] Input PIN_100
cpuAddr[22] Input PIN_1
cpuAddr[21] Input PIN_2
cpuAddr[20] Input PIN_5
cpuAddr[19] Input PIN_6
cpuAddr[18] Input PIN_7
cpuAddr[17] Input PIN_8
cpuAddr[16] Input PIN_9
cpuAddr[15] Input PIN_10
cpuAddr[14] Input PIN_12
cpuAddr[13] Input PIN_13
cpuAddr[12] Input PIN_14
cpuAddr[11] Input PIN_16
cpuAddr[10] Input PIN_17
cpuAddr[9] Input PIN_19
cpuAddr[8] Input PIN_20
cpuAddr[7] Input PIN_21
cpuAddr[6] Input PIN_22
cpuAddr[5] Input PIN_23
cpuAddr[4] Input PIN_24
cpuAddr[3] Input PIN_25
cpuAddr[2] Input PIN_27
cpuAddr[1] Input PIN_28
cpuData[15] Input PIN_29
cpuData[14] Input PIN_30
cpuData[13] Input PIN_31
cpuData[12] Input PIN_32
cpuData[11] Input PIN_33
cpuData[10] Input PIN_35
cpuData[9] Input PIN_36
cpuData[8] Input PIN_37
cpuData[7] Input PIN_40
cpuData[6] Input PIN_41
cpuData[5] Input PIN_42
cpuData[4] Input PIN_44
cpuData[3] Input PIN_45
cpuData[2] Input PIN_46
cpuData[1] Input PIN_47
cpuData[0] Input PIN_48
cpuRnW Input PIN_96
nReset Input PIN_89
ncpuAS Input PIN_92
ncpuLDS Input PIN_93
ncpuUDS Input PIN_94
nhSync Output PIN_85
nvSync Output PIN_84
nvramCE0 Output PIN_81
nvramCE1 Output PIN_80
nvramOE Output PIN_79
nvramWE Output PIN_78
pixClk Input PIN_87
ramSize[2] Input PIN_97
ramSize[1] Input PIN_98
ramSize[0] Input PIN_99
vidOut Output PIN_83
vramAddr[14] Output PIN_77
vramAddr[13] Output PIN_76
vramAddr[12] Output PIN_75
vramAddr[11] Output PIN_72
vramAddr[10] Output PIN_71
vramAddr[9] Output PIN_70
vramAddr[8] Output PIN_69
vramAddr[7] Output PIN_68
vramAddr[6] Output PIN_67
vramAddr[5] Output PIN_65
vramAddr[4] Output PIN_64
vramAddr[3] Output PIN_63
vramAddr[2] Output PIN_61
vramAddr[1] Output PIN_60
vramAddr[0] Output PIN_58
vramData[7] Bidir PIN_57
vramData[6] Bidir PIN_56
vramData[5] Bidir PIN_55
vramData[4] Bidir PIN_54
vramData[3] Bidir PIN_53
vramData[2] Bidir PIN_52
vramData[1] Bidir PIN_50
vramData[0] Bidir PIN_49
TCK Input PIN_62
TDI Input PIN_4
TDO Output PIN_73
TMS Input PIN_15

Known Issues

  • First run schematic and gerbers used three pairs of resistor dividers for R, G, B output channels. A better approach would be to use a single divider and tie all three output channels together. Also 470 ohm is a bit too high, so the image is quite dark. Removed extraneous resistor dividers. Changed 470ohm resistor to 460.
  • The resistor footprints are too small for 1/4W parts. Might work with 1/8W parts. Added footprints for 0805 resistors.
  • Timing for the SE window is a bit off. It appears to be starting the window a couple pixels early on the left, and it might be cutting off the last pixel or two on the right.
  • The ninth vertical line is missing from the output image, and there is a black line two pixels from the right side of the screen.
  • There is still a timing issue with VRAM writes. Some writes seem to get missed.
  • Additional decoupling is needed when using the board in 512k/Plus Macs. Without decoupling on every VCC pin of the CPLD and decoupling for the 68000 CPU, overall system stability is severely impacted.
  • Support for alternate frame buffer is currently disabled.