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PowerBook adapter for BlueSCSI, v1.1

April 2021

This design is the current design. It replaces v1.0.

Gerber files

Gerber files can be found here in the gerber directory.

3D rendering of bluescsi_pb v1.1 board

Picture of bluescsi_pb connected to PowerBook 520c

Changes from v1.0

Changes in order of importance:

  • Mounting hole locations adjusted so they match an actual drive
  • Connect RETURN on 40-pin SCSI connector with signal ground
  • STM32 +5 is connected to TERMPWR by default, via breakable jumper pad
  • Separate jumpers provided for powering via TERMPWR or MOTORPWR
    • MOTORPWR is a separate +5v provided to run the drive motor and actuator
    • This change will be helpful for debugging power issues where MOTORPWR appears to be inconsistent
  • Activity LED (LED_BUILTIN) broken-out if you want to have an external LED
  • Increased TERMPWR trace width
  • Traces and resistor packs are moved farther away from mounting holes to avoid potential shorts
  • Back silkscreen marks location of the key pin (17) within the 40-pin connector
  • Moved legends for J1, J2 and J8 so they are next to pin 1 on their respective connectors
  • Corners rounded more
  • Numerous changes to the routing of traces
  • Shorten board by about 5mm
    • This is the shortest practical length to maintain all four screw holes

v1.0 and v1.1 side-by-side to show differences

Comparison with 2.5in drive

A 2.5 inch SCSI drive is 100mm x 70mm. This version of bluescsi_pb is 72mm x 67mm, or 77mm x 67mm once the 40-pin connector is attached.

Picture of bare bluescsi_pb board attached to bottom of 2.5in SCSI drive to show size differences