Bluetooth and ADB Mouse Converter for Macintosh 128/512/Plus and Apple Lisa

Updated 10 months ago

Stuff to put a FPGA in a NuBus Macintosh

Updated 2 weeks ago

CR2032 to 1/2AA converter to use in various old Macintosh computers that used 1/2AA batteries as the PRAM battery.

Updated 11 months ago

A Macintosh PDS DOS Compatibility card extender that allows you to use the DOS card in computer like the Quadra 700 and Quadra 950.

Updated 2 years ago

This ia classic Macintosh DB15 display port to VGA adapter to allow you to hook up your old Mac to a standard VGA monitor.

Updated 3 months ago

Contains reference design PCBs and 3D models to be used for other projects.

Updated 1 year ago

An adapter to allow you to use any standard 50-pin SCSI device as the Macintosh Portable hard drive.

Updated 2 years ago

Macintosh Plus Schematics in KiCAD

Updated 3 years ago

Replacement for Toshiba TC531000 mask ROM commonly used in 80's Apple products

Updated 5 months ago

4 MB and 16 MB 30-pin DRAM SIMMs

Updated 3 months ago

Apple ADB Keyboard/Mouse to Bluetooth Converter

Updated 4 weeks ago

RAM SIMM for Macintosh IIfx

Updated 1 year ago

WIP 33 MHz MC68030-based accelerator card for Macintosh LC

Updated 4 weeks ago

WIP RAM card for Macintosh Classic

Updated 3 months ago

KiCAD symbol libraries for Garrett's Workshop products

Updated 2 months ago