Support System 7's executable boot blocks

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Elliot Nunn 2020-10-10 12:04:39 +08:00
parent 99b9c95501
commit c5a4b9e0eb

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@ -15,23 +15,6 @@ from snefru_hash import snefru
# ; the below code might come in handy later on, when we support executable boot blocks.
# CodeToUncorruptTheBootBlocks:
# move.l (SP),A1
# sub.l #8,A1 ; What will be the start address of the boot blocks??
# lea BigDiskImage,A0
# move.l #1024,D0
# dc.w 0xA02E ; BlockMove
# sub.l #6,(SP) ; Re-run the code that called us; it will be real boot blocks now!
# rts
my_unique_ltoudp_id = b'El' + (os.getpid() & 0xFFFF).to_bytes(2, 'big')
@ -95,8 +78,41 @@ getBootBlocks
dc.w $A22E ; _BlockMoveData
; If these boot blocks are executable (from offset 2), then the 138 bytes of
; declarative data copied by the netBOOT driver are not enough. We edit the boot
; blocks with a stub that copies the entire 1k into place. System 7 needs this.
move.b 6(A1),D0 ; BBVersion
cmp.b #$44,D0
beq.s executableBB
and.b #$C0,D0
cmp.b #$C0,D0
beq.s executableBB
bra return
executableBB ; Need to leave bytes 6,7 intact
move.l #$60000004,2(A1) ; BB+2: BRA.W BB+8
move.w #$4EB9,8(A1) ; BB+8: JSR fixBB
lea fixBB,A0
move.l A0,10(A1)
move.l A1,A0 ; Clear the icache with a BlockMove
move.l #138,D0
dc.w $A02E ; _BlockMove
bra return
fixBB ; The BB stub JSRs to here
move.l (SP)+,A1
sub.l #14,A1 ; "Rewind" to the start of the BB
lea DiskImage,A0 ; Replace stub BB with correct BB
move.l #$400,D0
dc.w $A02E ; _BlockMove
jmp 2(A1) ; Jump to the fixed-up BB
@ -225,7 +241,10 @@ mountSysVol
lea gDriveNum,A0
move.w (A0),D3
; Set aside the FS queue to stop MountVol jamming up
; System 7 needs MountVol to return the right vRefNum
move.l $366,A0 ; Steal existing PB from FSQHead
; Set aside the FS queue to stop MountVol deadlocking
move.w $360,-(SP) ; FSBusy
move.l $362,-(SP) ; FSQHead
move.l $366,-(SP) ; FSQTail