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Elliot Nunn 2021-03-27 16:29:53 +08:00
parent 45e36cca05
commit e13ef927d2

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@ -588,7 +588,7 @@ CloseBtn
dc.w $A9E7 ; _LGetSelect
move.w (SP)+,D0
movem.l (SP)+,D0
beq.s .macsAreConnected ; stop us crashing if nothing selected
beq .macsAreConnected ; stop us crashing if nothing selected
swap D0 ; rownum
move.l gBackendQHdr,A0
@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ CloseBtn
bsr QueueForEach ; will leave element in A0
tst.w feConnCnt(A0)
bne.s .macsAreConnected
bne .macsAreConnected
movem.l A0/D0,-(SP)
move.l gBackendQHdr,A1
@ -617,6 +617,31 @@ CloseBtn
lea .decrementElementsGreaterThanRow,A1
bsr QueueForEach ; (D0=rownum))
movem.l (SP),A0/D0
subq #8,SP ; room for the rect
move.l SP,-(SP) ; rect ptr
swap D0
move.l D0,-(SP) ; cell
move.l (A5),A0
move.l (A0),A0 ; window/grafport
move.l $98(A0),-(SP) ; lHandle = window refCon
move.w #76,-(SP)
dc.w $A9E7 ; _LRect
movem.l (SP)+,D0/D1 ; pop the result rect into registers
bsr AddPt ; find the central point of the rect, offset a bit
asr.w #1,D1
sub.w #16,D1
swap D1
asr.w #1,D1
sub.w #16,D1
swap D1
move.l D1,-(SP) ; and save that rect
move.l SP,-(SP)
dc.w $A870 ; _LocalToGlobal
move.l (SP)+,D3 ; okayish way to keep it?
movem.l (SP)+,A0/D0
move.w #1,-(SP) ; count
move.w D0,-(SP) ; rowNum
@ -626,6 +651,11 @@ CloseBtn
move.w #36,-(SP)
dc.w $A9E7 ; _LDelRow
move.l D3,D0
movem.l D3-D7/A2-A4,-(SP)
bsr Poof
movem.l (SP)+,D3-D7/A2-A4
.macsAreConnected ; Can't delete it