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Macintosh System version 7.1
© Apple Computer, Inc. 1983-1992
All rights reserved. YO/<boot?<© "gTOïÿ† OB¨BhBh¢f41hBg61hD"A"Q!I !|$1|,B¨. f x®Nè
@ÿÔfph©Épc©É© 1983-1992 Apple Computer Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Help! Help! WeÕre still being held prisoner in a system software factory!
The Blue Meanies
Lew Cirne
David Collins
Wayne Correia
Chris Derossi
Pete Helme
Fred Huxham
Don Louv
Kevin MacDonell
Brian McGhie
Greg Marriott
Jeff Miller
Fred Monroe
Dean Yu