Elliot Nunn c6731715db Create a bootstrap floppy
The floppy enables network boot in PRAM. This allows us to remove most
of the ROM patches.
2020-10-10 16:03:38 +08:00

100 lines
3.3 KiB

; boot 1 resource
; assemble with vasmm68k_mot
dc.b "LK"
bra.w Code
dc.b "D" ; executable on all machines
dc.b $18 ; version number, unsure if important
dc.w 0 ; some flag thing
dc.b 6, 'System '
dc.b 6, 'Finder '
dc.b 7, 'MacsBug '
dc.b 12, 'Disassembler '
dc.b 13, 'StartUpScreen '
dc.b 6, 'Finder '
dc.b 9, 'Clipboard '
NumFCBs dc.w 10 ; number of FCBs to allocate at boot
NumEvents dc.w 20 ; number of event queue elements
SystemHeapSize128K dc.l $4300 ; size of system heap for 128K system (never used)
SystemHeapSize256K dc.l $8000 ; size of system heap for 256K system (never used)
SystemHeapSize dc.l $20000 ; size of system heap (used for pre-7.0)
; Okay, now we can ignore all of that crap and take control of the machine!
lea bootVars,a0
lea pRamTable,a1
move.l (a1)+,d0
beq.s pramDone
move.l d0,d2 ; Save the len/offset arg for later
dc.w $A052 ; _WriteXPRam
swap d2 ; Get count from upper byte
add.w d2,a0 ; and add it to bootVars
bra.s pramLoop
; all right, now reboot the machine
move.l $2AE,a0 ; ROMBase
cmp.b #0,8(A0)
beq.s rebootPlus
cmp.b #1,8(A0)
beq.s rebootII
cmp.b #2,8(A0)
beq.s rebootSE
cmp.b #3,8(A0)
beq.s rebootPortable
cmp.b #6,8(A0)
beq.s rebootIIci
; try our luck ... maybe it's a SuperMario?
move.w #1,-(sp) ; sdRestart
dc.w $A895 ; _ShutDown
rebootPlus jmp $B82(a0)
rebootII jmp $11AE(a0)
rebootSE jmp $A52(a0)
rebootPortable jmp $336E(a0)
rebootIIci jmp $203E(a0)
; bootVars
dc.b 1 ; osType preferred os to boot from
dc.b 1 ; protocol preferred protocol to boot from = NBP
dc.b 0 ; errors last error in network booting
dc.b $80 ; flags flags for: never net boot, boot first, etc.
; bootVars ATPRAMrec
dc.b 0 ; nbpVars address of last server that we booted off of
dc.b 0 ; timeout seconds to wait for bootserver response
dcb.l 4, "PWD " ; signature image signature
dcb.b 32 ; userName an array of char, no length byte
dcb.b 8 ; password ditto
dc.w $8888 ; serverNum the server number
dcb.b 8 ; padding to 68b
dc.l $00040004
dc.l $000300AB
dc.l $000100BC
dc.l $00200020
dc.l $0020008B
dc.l $00000000
align 10 ; fill up the boot blocks