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2.0b5, © Apple Computer, Inc. 1992-1995 YO/<boot?<© "gTOïÿ† OB¨BhBh¢f41hBg61hD"A"Q!I !|$1|,B¨. f x®Nè
@ÿÔfph©Épc©É© 1983-1995 Apple Computer Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Help! Help! HeÕs STILL being held prisoner in a system software factory!
The Blue Meanie:
Brian McGhie
Serving time:
Giovanni Agnoli
Eric3 Anderson
Clinton Bauder
William Berry
Jeff Crawford
Mike Crawford
Cameron Esfahani
Dave Evans
Dave Falkenburg
Ian Hendry
Eric Hewitt
Deric Horn
Mike Larson
Darren Litzinger
Dave Lyons
Rob lunatic Moore
Jim Murphy
Mike Puckett
Anumele Raja
Jim Reekes
Alex Rosenberg
Eric Slosser
Randy theLen
Steve Stephenson
Roshi Yousefi
Sam Barone
Lars Borresen
Scott Boyd
Jaime Cummins
Hoon Im
Brad Post
Paul Wolf
Wendy Chiou
Nitin Ganatra
Jim Mensch
Alex Rangel
John Yen
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