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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import struct
# Awful hack to run code through vasm
def assemble(the_code):
with open('/tmp/vasm.elliot', 'w') as f:
import os
from os import path
assembler = path.join(path.dirname(path.abspath(__file__)), 'vasm-1/vasmm68k_std')
os.system(f'{assembler} -quiet -Fbin -pic -o /tmp/vasm.elliot.bin /tmp/vasm.elliot')
with open('/tmp/vasm.elliot.bin', 'rb') as f:
def write_asm(f, asm):
f.write(assemble(f' .org {hex(f.tell())} \n rom: \n {asm}'))
with open(sys.argv[1], 'r+b') as f:
# Skip the initial PRAM check in forXO.a:InstallNetBoot
while f.tell() < 0x1D982:
f.write(b'Nq') # nop
# Find a safe place to store our overridden NetBoot config struct
# (Which would otherwise be cobbled from various parts of PRAM)
garbage_location = 0x67046 # The MacsBug copyright string in the ROM Disk
# Make out own structure, as adapted from NetBoot.h
the_netboot_structure = struct.pack('>BBBB BB 16s 32s 8s H', # Note that "int"s are 4 bytes, somehow!
# First 4 bytes at PRAM+4
1, # char osType; /* preferred os to boot from */
1, # char protocol; /* preferred protocol to boot from */
0, # char errors; /* last error in network booting */
0xC0, # char flags; /* flags for: never net boot, boot first, etc. */
# Now, the AppleTalk-protocol-specific part
0, # unsigned char nbpVars; /* address of last server that we booted off of */
0, # unsigned char timeout; /* seconds to wait for bootserver response */
b'', # unsigned int signature[4]; /* image signature */ Elliot notes: zeroes match anything!
b'Elliot', # char userName[31]; /* an array of char, no length byte */
b'volapuk', # char password[8]; /* '' */
0xBABE, # short serverNum; /* the server number */
).ljust(72, b'\0')
# the_netboot_structure = bytearray(the_netboot_structure)
# for i, j in enumerate(range(54, len(the_netboot_structure))):
# the_netboot_structure[j] = i
# This is the guts of the NetBoot ReadPRAM procedure
write_asm(f, f'''
move.l a0,a1
move.l 0x2ae,a0 ; RomBase
add.l #{hex(garbage_location)},a0
move.l #{hex(len(the_netboot_structure))},d0
.2byte 0xA02E ; BlockMove
# Do the dodgy... cancel signature validation!
while f.tell() < 0x21A98:
f.write(b'Nq') # nop
# Work around Mini vMac's cutesy many-drives hack (it steals out preferred drivenum of 4 from us) # AddMyDrive: moveq #4,d9
f.write(b'\x10') # myExtFSFilter: cmp.w #4,d0
# Enable this to make a SysError, for rudimentaly debug output
f.write(assemble('move.w #0xFFFF,D0 \n .2byte 0xA9C9'))