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/* Nova Resource structures */
#import <Carbon/Carbon.h>
#pragma options align=mac68k
//#pragma options align=packed // TODO: This doesn't compile in PB (but it does in xCode).
// see
// align=reset is at the bottom of the file.
typedef struct NovaControlBits
// 10,000 bits for ncbs, could be made faster by aligning to word boundries? (using longs) but would require padding
char bits[1250]; // access bit 777 thus: bits[777/8] >> (777 % 8)) & 0x01
// or: bits[777/8] & (0x01 << (777 % 8))
} NovaControlBits;
typedef struct BoomRec
short FrameAdvance; // 100 = normal speed, less is slower, higher faster
short SoundIndex; // 0-63 index, mapping to 300-363 resID, -1 == no sound
short GraphicIndex; // 0-63 index, mapping to 400-463 resID
} BoomRec;
typedef struct CharRec
long startCash;
short startShipType;
short startSystem[4];
short startGovt[4];
short startStatus[4];
short startKills;
short introPictID[4];
short introPictDelay[4];
short introTextID;
char OnStart[256];
short Flags;
short startDay;
short startMonth;
short startYear;
char Prefix[16];
char Suffix[16];
short UnusedA[8];
} CharRec;
typedef struct ColrRec
long ButtonUp;
long ButtonDown;
long ButtonGrey;
char MenuFont[64];
short MenuFontSize;
long MenuColor1;
long MenuColor2;
long GridBright;
long GridDim;
// p2c: Structs.p, line 696: Warning: Symbol 'RECT' is not defined [221]
Rect ProgArea;
long ProgBright;
long ProgDim;
long ProgOutline;
short Button1x;
short Button1y;
short Button2x;
short Button2y;
short Button3x;
short Button3y;
short Button4x;
short Button4y;
short Button5x;
short Button5y;
short Button6x;
short Button6y;
long FloatingMap;
long ListText;
long ListBkgnd;
long ListHilite;
long EscortHilite;
char ButtonFont[64];
short ButtonFontSz;
short LogoX;
short LogoY;
short RolloverX;
short RolloverY;
short Slide1x;
short Slide1y;
short Slide2x;
short Slide2y;
short Slide3x;
short Slide3y;
} ColrRec;
typedef struct CronRec
short FirstDay;
short FirstMonth;
short FirstYear;
short LastDay;
short LastMonth;
short LastYear;
short Random;
short Duration;
short PreHoldoff;
short PostHoldoff;
short IndNewsStr;
short Flags;
// EnableOn: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnStart: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnEnd: packed array[0..255] of char;
char cdata[766];
long Contributes0;
long Contributes1;
long Require0;
long Require1;
short NewsGovt[4];
short GovtNewsString[4];
} CronRec;
typedef struct DescRec
char Description[1];
} DescRec;
typedef struct DescCodaRec
short Graphic;
char Movie[32];
short Flags;
} DescCodaRec;
typedef struct DeqtRec
short Flags;
} DeqtRec;
typedef struct DudeRec
short AIType;
short Govt;
short Booty;
short InfoTypes;
short ShipTypes[16];
short Probs[16];
short UnusedA[8];
} DudeRec;
typedef struct FletRec
short LeadShipType;
short EscortShipType[4];
short EscortMin[4];
short EscortMax[4];
short Govt;
short LinkSyst;
char ActivateOn[256];
short Quote;
short Flags;
short UnusedA[8];
} FletRec;
typedef struct IntfRec
long BrightText;
long DimText;
Rect RadarArea;
long BrightRadar;
long DimRadar;
Rect ShieldArea;
long Shield;
Rect ArmorArea;
long Armor;
Rect FuelArea;
long FuelFull;
long FuelPartial;
Rect NavArea;
Rect WeapArea;
Rect TargArea;
Rect CargoArea;
char StatusFont[64];
short StatFontSize;
short SubtitleSize;
short StatusBkgnd;
} IntfRec;
typedef struct JunkRec
short SoldAt[8];
short BoughtAt[8];
short BasePrice;
short Flags;
short ScanMask;
// LCName: packed array[0..63] of char;
// Abbrev: packed array[0..63] of char;
// BuyOn: packed array[0..254] of char;
// SellOn: packed array[0..254] of char;
char cdata[638];
} JunkRec;
typedef struct GovtRec
short VoiceType;
short Flags;
short Flags2;
short ScanFine;
short CrimeTol;
short SmugPenalty;
short DisabPenalty;
short BoardPenalty;
short KillPenalty;
short ShootPenalty;
short InitialRec;
short MaxOdds;
short Classes[4];
short Allies[4];
short Enemies[4];
short SkillMult;
short ScanMask;
char CommName[16];
char TargetCode[16];
long Require0;
long Require1;
short InhJam[4];
char MediumName[64];
long color;
long ShipColor;
short intf;
short NewsPict;
short UnusedA[8];
} GovtRec;
typedef struct MisnRec
short AvailStel;
short Unused1;
short AvailLoc;
short AvailRecord;
short AvailRating;
short AvailRandom;
short TravelStel;
short ReturnStel;
short CargoType;
short CargoQty;
short PickupMode;
short DropoffMode;
short ScanGovt;
short Unused2;
long PayVal;
short ShipCount;
short ShipSyst;
short ShipDude;
short ShipGoal;
short ShipBehav;
short ShipNameID;
short ShipStart;
short CompGovt;
short CompReward;
short ShipSubTitle;
short BriefText;
short QuickBrief;
short LoadCargText;
short DropCargText;
short CompText;
short FailText;
short TimeLimit;
short CanAbort;
short ShipDoneText;
short Unused3;
short AuxShipCount;
short AuxShipDude;
short AuxShipSyst;
short Unused4;
short Flags;
short Flags2;
short Unused6;
short Unused7;
short RefuseText;
short AvailShipType;
// AvailBits: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnAccept: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnRefuse: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnSuccess: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnFailure: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnAbort: packed array[0..254] of char;
char cdata[1530];
long Require0;
long Require1;
short DatePostInc;
// OnShipDone: packed array[0..254] of char;
// AcceptButton: packed array[0..31] of char;
// RefuseButton: packed array[0..31] of char;
char cdata2[320];
short DispWeight;
short UnusedA[8];
} MisnRec;
typedef struct NebuRec
short XPos;
short YPos;
short XSize;
short YSize;
// ActiveOn: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnExplore: packed array[0..254] of char;
char cdata[510];
short UnusedA[8];
} NebuRec;
typedef struct OopsRec
short Stellar;
short Commodity;
short PriceDelta;
short Duration;
short Freq;
char ActivateOn[256];
short UnusedA[8];
} OopsRec;
typedef struct OutfRec
short DispWeight;
short Mass;
short TechLevel;
short ModType;
short ModVal;
short Max;
short Flags;
long Cost;
short ModType2;
short ModVal2;
short ModType3;
short ModVal3;
short ModType4;
short ModVal4;
long Contributes0;
long Contributes1;
long Require0;
long Require1;
// Availability: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnPurchase: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnSell: packed array[0..254] of char;
// ShortName: packed array[0..63] of char;
// LCName: packed array[0..63] of char;
// LCPlural: packed array[0..64] of char;
char cdata[958];
short ItemClass;
short ScanMask;
short BuyRandom;
short RequireGovt;
short UnusedA[8];
} OutfRec;
typedef struct PersRec
short LinkSyst;
short Govt;
short AIType;
short Aggress;
short Coward;
short ShipType;
short WeapType[4];
short WeapCount[4];
short AmmoLoad[4];
long Credits;
short ShieldMod;
short HailPict;
short CommQuote;
short HailQuote;
short LinkMission;
short Flags;
char ActivateOn[256];
short GrantClass;
short GrantCount;
short GrantProb;
char SubTitle[64];
long ShipColor;
short Flags2;
short UnusedA[8];
} PersRec;
typedef struct RankRec
short Weight;
short Govt;
short PriceMod;
long Salary;
long SalaryCap;
long Contributes0;
long Contributes1;
short flags;
// ConvName: packed array[0..63] of char;
// ShortName: packed array[0..63] of char;
char cdata[128];
} RankRec;
typedef struct RoidRec
short Strength;
short spinRate;
short yieldType;
short yieldQty;
short partCount;
long partColor;
short fragType[2];
short fragCount;
short ExplodeType;
short Mass;
short UnusedA[8];
} RoidRec;
typedef struct RLEPixelData
// 'rl<72>#' resource
short width; // pixel width (max for all frames)
short height; // pixel height (max for all frames)
short depth; // bit depth (8/16/32)
short palette; // color table 'clut' ID (0 for default)
short nframes; // number of frames in this resource
short reserved1;
short reserved2;
short reserved3;
char tokens[1]; // the RLE token data (variable size array)
} RLEPixelData;
#define kRLEResourceHeaderSize (sizeof(RLEPixelData) - 1)
typedef struct ShanRec
short BaseImageID;
short BaseMaskID;
short BaseSetCount;
short BaseXSize;
short BaseYSize;
short BaseTransp;
short AltImageID;
short AltMaskID;
short AltSetCount;
short AltXSize;
short AltYSize;
short GlowImageID;
short GlowMaskID;
short GlowXSize;
short GlowYSize;
short LightImageID;
short LightMaskID;
short LightXSize;
short LightYSize;
short WeapImageID;
short WeapMaskID;
short WeapXSize;
short WeapYSize;
short Flags;
short AnimDelay;
short WeapDecay;
short FramesPer;
short BlinkMode;
short BlinkA;
short BlinkB;
short BlinkC;
short BlinkD;
short ShieldImgID;
short ShieldMaskID;
short ShieldXSize;
short ShieldYSize;
short GunPosX[4];
short GunPosY[4];
short TurretPosX[4];
short TurretPosY[4];
short GuidedPosX[4];
short GuidedPosY[4];
short BeamPosX[4];
short BeamPosY[4];
short UpCompressX;
short UpCompressY;
short DnCompressX;
short DnCompressY;
short GunPosZ[4];
short TurretPosZ[4];
short GuidedPosZ[4];
short BeamPosZ[4];
short UnusedA[8];
} ShanRec;
typedef struct ShipRec
short holds;
short Shield;
short Accel;
short Speed;
short Maneuver;
short Fuel;
short freeMass;
short Armor;
short ShieldRegen;
short WType[4];
short WCount[4];
short Ammo[4];
short MaxGun;
short MaxTur;
short TechLevel;
long Cost;
short DeathDelay;
short ArmorRech;
short Explode1;
short Explode2;
short DispWeight;
short Mass;
short Length;
short InherentAI;
short Crew;
short Strength;
short InherentGovt;
short Flags;
short PodCount;
short DefaultItems[4];
short ItemCount[4];
short FuelRegen;
short SkillVar;
short Flags2;
long Contributes0;
long Contributes1;
// Availability: packed array[0..254] of char;
// AppearOn: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnPurchase: packed array[0..255] of char;
char cdata1[766];
short Deionize;
short IonizeMax;
short KeyCarried;
short DefaultItems2[4];
short ItemCount2[4];
long Require0;
long Require1;
short BuyRandom;
short HireRandom;
short unusedBlock[34];
// OnCapture: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnRetire: packed array[0..254] of char;
// ShortName: packed array[0..63] of char;
// CommName: packed array[0..31] of char;
// LongName: packed array[0..127] of char;
// MovieFile: packed array[0..31] of char;
char cdata2[766];
short WType2[4];
short WCount2[4];
short Ammo2[4];
// SubTitle: packed array[0..63] of char;
char cdata3[64];
short Flags3;
short UpgradeTo;
long EscUpgrdCost;
long EscSellValue;
short EscortType;
short UnusedA[8];
} ShipRec;
typedef struct SpinRec
short SpritesID;
short MasksID;
short xSize;
short ySize;
short nx;
short ny;
} SpinRec;
typedef struct SpobRec
short xPos;
short yPos;
short spobType;
long Flags;
short Tribute;
short TechLevel;
short SpecialTech1;
short SpecialTech2;
short SpecialTech3;
short Govt;
short MinCoolness;
short CustPicID;
short CustSndID;
short DefDude;
short DefCount;
short Flags2;
short AnimDelay;
short Frame0Bias;
short HyperLink[8];
// OnDominate: packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnRelease: packed array[0..254] of char;
char cdata[510];
long Fee;
short Gravity;
short Weapon;
long Strength;
short DeadType;
short DeadTime;
short ExplodType;
// OnDestroy : packed array[0..254] of char;
// OnRegen : packed array[0..254] of char;
char cdata2[510];
short SpecialTech4;
short SpecialTech5;
short SpecialTech6;
short SpecialTech7;
short SpecialTech8;
short UnusedA[8];
} SpobRec;
typedef struct SystRec
short xPos;
short yPos;
short con[16];
short nav[16];
short DudeTypes[8];
short Probs[8];
short AvgShips;
short Govt;
short Message;
short Asteroids;
short Interference;
short Person[8];
short PersonProb[8];
long BkgndColor;
short Murk;
short AstTypes;
char Visiblility[256];
short ReinfFleet;
short ReinfTime;
short ReinfIntrval;
short UnusedA[8];
} SystRec;
typedef struct WeapRec
short Reload;
short Count;
short MassDmg;
short EnergyDmg;
short Guidance;
short Speed;
short AmmoType;
short Graphic;
short Inaccuracy;
short Sound;
short Impact;
short ExplodType;
short ProxRadius;
short BlastRadius;
short Flags;
short Seeker;
short SmokeSet;
short Decay;
short Particles;
short PartVel;
short PartLifeMin;
short PartLifeMax;
long PartColor;
short BeamLength;
short BeamWidth;
short Falloff;
long BeamColor;
long CoronaColor;
short SubCount;
short SubType;
short SubTheta;
short SubLimit;
short ProxSafety;
short Flags2;
short Ionization;
short HitParticles;
short HitPartLife;
short HitPartVel;
long HitPartColor;
short Recoil;
short ExitType;
short BurstCount;
short BurstReload;
short JamVuln1;
short JamVuln2;
short JamVuln3;
short JamVuln4;
short Flags3;
short Durability;
short GuidedTurn;
short MaxAmmo;
short LiDensity;
short LiAmplitude;
long IonizeColor;
short UnusedA[8];
} WeapRec;
typedef struct YearRec
short Day;
short Month;
short Year;
char Prefix[16];
char Suffix[15];
} YearRec;
#pragma options align=reset