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This program uses AppleTalk (DDP) since it can sometimes be easier to get an adapter or router betweeen LocalTalk and Ethernet that transfers AppleTalk packets, than one that transfers IP packets. For example, the AsantéTalk router I have only does AppleTalk. But if you have an IP router, just write a regular Go server and your own HyperCard stack.
If you want to make HyperCard stacks that do networking or other cool things, it pays to have a copies of some of Apple's obsolete XCMDs. Take a look at (and definitely check out the rest of the old Apple FTP site mirrored there.)
The HumbleMacintosh Twitter stack uses the ATP and NBP XCMDs from the [AppleTalk HyperCard Toolkit](, in particular the HyperStation example stack by Donald Koscheka (1987).