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MPW Emulator
by Kelvin W Sherlock, _et alia_
## System compatibility:
Currently, only OS X 10.8 with case-insensitive HFS+ is supported.
## License.
The 680x0 CPU code is from WinFellow (http://fellow.sourceforge.net) and is
licensed under GPL v2 or later. Consequently, the rest of the code is licensed
under the GPL v2 as well.
The memory allocator (NewHandle/NewPointer) code is from mempoolite, which
is a fork of the SQLite zero-alloc allocator by Jefty Negapatan
<jeftyneg@gmail.com>. It, as is SQLite, is in the public domain.
## Building
Compiling requires cmake, ragel, lemon, and a recent version of clang++ with
c++11 support. It has only been built and tested with OS X 10.8.
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
This will generate bin/mpw and bin/disasm.
## Installation
Certain configuration and execution files are generally useful. They are
stored in an mpw directory, which may be located:
$MPW (shell variable)
~/mpw/ (your home directory)
The layout is reminiscent of actual MPW installations.
## Environment file
The Environment.text file is new; it contains MPW environment variables (many
of them set the library and include file locations). The format is fairly
# this is a comment
#this sets a variable
name = value
# this sets a variable if it is undefined.
name ?= value
# values may refer to other variables
## Usage
`mpw [mpw flags] command-name [command arguments]`
you may also create shell aliases:
`alias AsmIIgs='mpw AsmIIgs'`
or create a shell script (in `/usr/local/bin`, etc)
exec mpw AsmIIgs $@
mpw looks in the current directory and then in the $MPW:Tools: directory
for the command to run. The MPW $Commands variable is not yet supported.

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MPW Emulator
by Kelvin W Sherlock.
by Kelvin W Sherlock, et alia.
0. System compatibility: