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.B .W .L -- add a modifier field. * uses it for the read size. all others use it when token converted to integer.
debugger improvements:
completion context:
when in tbrk, lookup based on the toolbox map ninstead of general symbol table?
symbol table should be a range. Debug names are loaded as start:end.
In scalar context, just use the start value.
In range context, use as a range unless specific range or count provided.
main;l <- list all of main
new command: protect
usage: protect range
(where range can be explicit or a debug name)
prevents tracing within the defined code.
last address
expression evaluation updates the last address. ;command is equivalent to lastaddress;command.
- tool to list iigs/mac resource fork (rlist)
1. scan file for debug names (starting at 4e56 - link a6), load into environment table (with tools)
2. address break, ^C break, etc - list reason *before* disasm line
4. ; commands - keep track of last address (;l to repeat...)
5. run until return? (t bits in csr?)
6. local variables (set/clear)
set identifier '=' expression
unset identifier
expression '(' expression ')' -> 16-bit offset.
stack dump? any safe way to get the previous address (how many bytes for jsr?)
option for MPW 3.2 vs 3.5?
store as MPWVersion (standard shell variable)
- add support for global vars [?]
- improve MOVEM disassembly [?]
- --24 flag for non-32-bit clean code
- since code segments are loaded from a resource and the code may try to reload itself (ResourceByName), it really needs to be done via the emulated ResourceMgr/Memory Manager.
- ftrap_editor_tabs
- move time to OS::, add OS::Init to set start time global / ticks
- use alarm / ualarm to update ticks/ time global?
- duplicate / duplicate iigs replacement
- stdout -- convert macroman to utf8 on output?
- set the time global @ start up (Pascal res files)
- rbreak/wbreak/rwbreak - break on memory access
- orca/c : symfile support.
- Use MM code for all memory allocs
- GetFileInfo -- create fake finderinfo record from extension.
- check for stack range errors
- add memory manager code
- add stand-alone disasm utility
- log memory access to global vars
- --trace-cpu: add support for tool traps
- --trace-cpu: move trace-cpu code into a logger callback
- ftrap_delete
- if file doesn't exist, check in $MPW/Tools/
- include file w/ all global names
- include file w/ all os errors