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""" -- Copy source files to/from Basilisk, with conversions."""
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
import os
import pathlib
import sys
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Dict, List
import xattr # type: ignore
SUBDIRS = ". macos sync lib".split()
TEXT_SUFFIXES = ".c .h .r".split()
TEXT_CREATOR = b"R*ch" # BBEdit
class Converter(metaclass=ABCMeta):
name: str
def convert(self, src: pathlib.Path, dest: pathlib.Path) -> None:
class TextConverter(Converter):
enc_in: str
enc_out: str
newline: str
name = "Text"
def __init__(self, enc_in: str, enc_out: str, newline: str) -> None:
self.enc_in = enc_in
self.enc_out = enc_out
self.newline = newline
def convert(self, src: pathlib.Path, dest: pathlib.Path) -> None:
text = src.read_text(encoding=self.enc_in)
lines = text.splitlines()
dest.write_text(self.newline.join(lines), encoding=self.enc_out)
class DataConverter(Converter):
name = "Data"
def convert(self, src: pathlib.Path, dest: pathlib.Path) -> None:
data = src.read_bytes()
class FileType:
converter: Converter
filetype: bytes
creator: bytes
def finder_info(self) -> bytes:
assert len(self.filetype) == 4
assert len(self.creator) == 4
return self.filetype + self.creator + b"\x01" + b"\x00" * 23
def main(argv: List[str]) -> None:
if not argv:
print("Usage: python (push|pull)", file=sys.stderr)
print(" pull: pull FROM guest (macintosh), into guest (unix)", file=sys.stderr)
print(" push: push TO guest (macintosh), from host (unix)", file=sys.stderr)
raise SystemExit(2)
unix_dir = pathlib.Path(__file__).resolve().parent
mac_dir = pathlib.Path(pathlib.Path.home(), "SyncFiles")
cmd = argv[0]
suffixes: Dict[str, FileType] = {}
text: Converter
data = DataConverter()
if cmd == "pull":
text = TextConverter("macintosh", "utf-8", "\n")
src_dir, dest_dir = mac_dir, unix_dir
elif cmd == "push":
text = TextConverter("utf-8", "macintosh", "\r")
src_dir, dest_dir = unix_dir, mac_dir
print("Error: unknown command", file=sys.stderr)
raise SystemExit(2)
text_type = FileType(text, b"TEXT", TEXT_CREATOR)
for suffix in TEXT_SUFFIXES:
suffixes[suffix] = text_type
suffixes[".mcp"] = FileType(data, b"MMPr", b"CWIE")
for subdir in SUBDIRS:
src_subdir = src_dir / subdir
dest_subdir = dest_dir / subdir
fset = set()
for src in src_subdir.iterdir():
file_type = suffixes.get(src.suffix)
if file_type is not None:
print(, pathlib.Path(subdir,
dest = dest_subdir /
file_type.converter.convert(src, dest)
if cmd == "push":
info = file_type.finder_info()
attr = xattr.xattr(dest)
attr[""] = info
for dest in dest_subdir.iterdir():
if dest.suffix in suffixes and not in fset:
print("Delete", pathlib.Path(subdir,
if __name__ == "__main__":