Linux bootloader for Power Macintosh "New World" computers

Updated 10 years ago

Patch a 4 MB Power Mac ROM to run arbitrary code just before the NanoKernel takes control

Updated 5 years ago

Final uuUndo 1.0 for Macintosh sources

Updated 8 years ago

Python script to split a 68k Mac ROM into MPW objects

Updated 4 years ago

Mozilla for Power Macintosh.

Updated 6 months ago

An interface for Apple's LocalTalk networking protocol.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 3 years ago

Classic Macintosh MPW tool for file synchronization

Updated 12 months ago

Attempt at patching Macintosh MainCode images

Updated 4 years ago

Updated 3 years ago

Bootable stuff for PowerPC-based macs ; boots through OpenFirmware

Updated 4 months ago

Build the PowerPC part of the NewWorld Mac ROM

Updated 5 years ago

PLATOTerm for Classic 68K and PPC Macintosh Computers

Updated 4 years ago

Pendulum Simulator for 68k Macintosh

Updated 4 years ago

Build a Mac OS ROM file for your NewWorld Mac's System Folder

Updated 5 years ago