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Java Apple Computer Emulator

Updated 2 years ago

A serial-to-wifi adapter for the Apple II

Updated 6 years ago

GP2IO board for Apple II, presented at KansasFest 2016

Updated 6 years ago

SD card based ProFile replacement for IIe

Updated 2 years ago

Emulating the original Apple II microcomputer on an Arduino Uno microcontroller.

Updated 6 years ago

Generating VGA video with an Arduino Uno / Atmega16u2 Microcontroller

Updated 6 years ago

Apple ][+ implemented in VHDL for FPGAs

Updated 7 years ago

An FPGA-based disk controller card for the Apple II

Updated 4 years ago

Arduino Sketch to use a USB keyboard with an Apple II as ASCII keyboard.

Updated 4 years ago

A bootable 1 MB solid state disk for Apple ][ computers

Updated 5 months ago

Apple II expansion card using a Raspberry Pi for I/O

Updated 2 weeks ago

Apple II Card Slot Riser

Updated 3 years ago

Prototyping card for developing new hardware for legacy Apple ][, //e and //gs computers.

Updated 4 years ago

128 kB Saturn 128k-compatible RAM expansion card for Apple II

Updated 2 weeks ago

8 MB RAMFactor-compatible Apple II memory expansion card

Updated 2 weeks ago

Simple Serial Card, an Apple Super Serial Card clone

Updated 6 days ago

Simple Arduino-based EEPROM programmer

Updated 2 months ago

GAL chip programmer for Arduino

Updated 1 day ago

Project to create an 3D-printed custom enclosure for the BMOW FloppyEmu - shaped like the historic Apple Disk II drive from 1978

Updated 9 months ago

An expandable SBC-version of the Apple 1 computer, easy to get started with and lot of cool stuff that can be added to it!

Updated 12 months ago