A serial-to-wifi adapter for the Apple II
Updated 2017-07-25 16:13:31 +00:00
A serial-to-wifi adapter for the Apple II
Updated 2022-08-22 08:04:37 +00:00
An adapter to allow you to use any standard 50-pin SCSI device as the Macintosh Portable hard drive.
Updated 2021-06-24 23:17:50 +00:00
RetroConnector series of open source adapter boards for Apple || series computers.
Updated 2023-06-29 20:55:59 +00:00
This ia classic Macintosh DB15 display port to VGA adapter to allow you to hook up your old Mac to a standard VGA monitor.
Updated 2023-10-12 03:44:09 +00:00
A simple adapter to use an ATX power supply on a Macintosh with a 10pin PSU (IIsi, IIci...)
Updated 2022-06-01 22:34:44 +00:00
Adapter that plugs into the Game I/O connector on the Apple //e motherboard to add support for Atari-style joysticks, cables can be routed to the back of the case for easy access.
Updated 2021-02-01 23:20:02 +00:00
Apple II Joystick to USB Adapter
Updated 2017-09-24 23:12:09 +00:00
Apple-1 adapter for the Apple II keyboard Kicad PCB design
Updated 2021-03-15 00:06:24 +00:00
A simple board to connect a 16-pin Apple II joystick to the 9-pin connector on the back of Apple IIe and later computers.
Updated 2021-10-22 04:41:50 +00:00