Update blank drive image

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Terence Boldt 2021-12-12 10:42:04 -05:00
parent 1b04c84435
commit 2adcf34942
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@ -3,3 +3,10 @@ ca65 Warning.asm -o warning.o
ca65 Firmware.asm -o firmware.o --listing Firmware.lst
ld65 -t none warning.o firmware.o -o Firmware.bin
# assumes ProDOS-Utilities is in your path: https://github.com/tjboldt/ProDOS-Utilities
rm BlankDriveWithFirmware.po
ProDOS-Utilities -c create -d BlankDriveWithFirmware.po -v ROM -s 2048
ProDOS-Utilities -b 0x0001 -c writeblock -d BlankDriveWithFirmware.po -i Firmware.bin
ProDOS-Utilities -b 0x0001 -c readblock -d BlankDriveWithFirmware.po
ProDOS-Utilities -c ls -d BlankDriveWithFirmware.po