turns out I like bitmap fonts
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Add CoCo3 font extracted from BIOS ROM
2 years ago
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Bitmap fonts for humans

This repository contains bitmapped fonts from disused operating systems and graphical user interfaces.

As operating systems and GUIs have moved on to scalable vector fonts, the bitmap fonts that dominated the 1980s and 1990s languish away in non-obvious and often binary formats that are rapidly falling into obscurity.

The main purpose of this repository is to liberate these fonts from their binary shackles, preserving the ancient art of monochrome bitmap typography for human appreciation.

The fonts in this repository are stored in a human-friendly text-based format. As such, the easiest way to view them is to open the text files directly. Alternatively, you can use monobit to render them to images or convert them to font formats supported by current operating systems. You can also see the fonts as images here.