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cc65 build agent

GitHub release (latest by date) Docker Image Version (latest by date)

This Docker image is intended to be used in a build pipeline to build 6502/65c02/65816 projects. It is based on Alpine Linux.

Note that most tools are installed into /usr/local in some capacity and configured to be executed from there. You can always run docker run -it a2geek/cc65-pipeline /bin/sh to poke around the container for locations and/or tools.


In order to support the variety of targets that cc65 addresses, a number of platform-specific tools need to be present. This section identifies the various tools for each target. If a target or tool is not supported, please feel free to submit a pull request!

Apple II

  • NuLib2 to support creation of ShrinkIt archives.
  • cc65 for C and assembly projects.
  • AppleCommander to support creation of disk images. The following utilities are included:
    • ac to manipulate disk images.
    • acx to manipulate disk images (alternate to 'ac').
    • bt to transform an AppleSoft program from text back to its tokenized state.
    • st is a utility to manage AppleSoft shape tables.
    • asu to support manipulation of AppleSingle files.
  • From the Alpine packages:


Please contribute sample configs for building the proverbial "Hello, World" application!


#include <stdio.h>

void main(void)
    printf("Hello, world!\n");

Makefile (Apple II-centric):

CC = cl65 -t apple2

.PHONY: clean

hello: hello.c

	rm -f *.o

Obviously, many of the commands detailed in the sample scripts probably should be in your Makefile, but for these samples, they are not. :-)

Apple II + GitLab CI

Sample configuration to produce both hello.po and hello.shk:


  image: a2geek/cc65-pipeline
  stage: build
  - make hello
  - ac -pro140 hello.po HELLO
  - cat hello | ac -as hello.po hello
  - ac -l hello.po
  - nulib2 -ak hello.shk hello.po
  - nulib2 -v hello.shk
    - ./hello.po
    - ./hello.shk

The output from the build plan is:

$ make hello
cl65 -t apple2     hello.c   -o hello
$ ac -pro140 hello.po HELLO
$ cat hello | ac -as hello.po hello
$ ac -l hello.po
hello.po /HELLO/
  HELLO BIN 007 03/18/2018 03/18/2018 2,928 A=$0803
ProDOS format; 136,192 bytes free; 7,168 bytes used.

$ nulib2 -ak hello.shk hello.po

     adding       hello.po
  0% compressing
 11% compressing
$ nulib2 -v hello.shk
 hello.shk       Created:18-Mar-18 00:16   Mod:18-Mar-18 00:16     Recs:    1

 Name                        Type Auxtyp Archived         Fmat Size Un-Length
 hello.po                    Disk 140k   18-Mar-18 00:16  lz2   02%    143360
 Uncomp: 143360  Comp: 3253  %of orig: 2%
Uploading artifacts...
./hello.po: found 1 matching files                 
./hello.shk: found 1 matching files                
Uploading artifacts to coordinator... ok            id=441 responseStatus=201 Created
Job succeeded