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Arduino emulation library for 8-bit microcomputers based on 6502, i8080 and z80.

Sample Applications

Configuration for Arduino

If building using the Arduino IDE, r65emu/hw/user.h must be configured correctly.

Currently the only mass-produced board which is supported is the LilyGO TTGO.

Examples are also given for a generic node32s board and a homebrew esp8bit board.

Copy your configuration file to user.h. If the board is also mass-produced, please open a PR to add the new file to the library.

Some emulations require a filesystem image containing programs to be uploaded:



Depending on target board, one of:


These are optional if the target board supports it (e.g., esp8266 or esp32 boards):


  • A Stellaris Launchpad or ESP8266 board, e.g., WeMOS, or ESP32-based board, e.g., Node32s,
  • An SD drive to store programs (for Stellarpad),
  • A 23k256 SPI RAM chip (for Stellarpad, optional),
  • A supported TFT screen (if not using a board with VGA),
  • A PS/2 keyboard.