MERGE directive, indexed TEXT, Code Style fixes

* Added a directive to control merging of SECTIONs: MERGE
* Added an indexed TEXT format that uses a String Symbol for the
indexing order
* General coding style consitencies
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Carl-Henrik Skårstedt 2017-01-08 16:30:30 -08:00
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@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ Primarily tested with personal archive of sources written for Kick assmebler, DA
* irp (indefinite repeat)
* Adding MERGE directive, Label Pools rewrite, TEXT data can be indexed from a string symbol
* Label Pools were destroyed after each scope so they did not work in include files which defeated their purpose. Label pools are now persistent through scopes.
* Labels reserved from label pools now distinguish between global and local. Use [.!@$] as a prefix to reserve a local label from a label pool (previously always local)
* Merlin macro parameters are not required on the MAC line, scope braces ('{', '}') can be used in the first column in Merlin.


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@ -660,6 +660,17 @@ Example:
STRING concat_example = "ldx #0"
concat_example +=
Text data can also be indexed into a String Symbol which may be useful
if a font doesn't have all characters by specifying the String Symbol
in brackets between the directive and the value.
; declare a string symbol with valid characters
STRING FontChars = "abcdefghijklmnoprstuvw0123456789!"
; define text data as indexes into the string symbol
TEXT [FontChars] "this is an indexed string!"
Directives for String Symbols
* STRING - declare a string symbol
@ -922,6 +933,28 @@ Sections named DirectPage_Stack and of a BSS type (default) determine the size o
Zeropage sections will be linked to a fixed address (default at the highest direct page addresses) prior to exporting the relocatable code. Zeropage sections in x65 is intended to allocate ranges of the zero page / direct page which is a bit confusing with OMF that has the concept of the direct page + stack segment.
Linking Control of Sections
The MERGE directive allows for listing SECTION names that should be linked in
order. You may have a number of sections with the same name and a number of
sections with a different name that should be linked into memory sequentially.
MERGE will take a list of sections on the same line and combine them into one
larger section that can be saved as a separate file. For example:
SECTION Code,code
; Start address is $1000, link startup code (Code_Init) at that location
ORG $1000
MERGE Code, Code_Init, Code_Process, Code_Execute
; Merge Data sections
SECTION Data,data
MERGE Data, Data_Assets, Data_Constants
; Data follows directly after Code
MERGE Code, Data
Directives related to sections:
@ -1175,6 +1208,7 @@ All Directives
initial fixed address (c64 prg and Apple II Dos 3)
* LONG - data, define comma separated 32 bit values
* MACRO - macros, start a macro declaration
* MERGE - Merge sections in order specified, will also merge listed sections by name
* ORG - set fixed address, same as PC
* PC - set fixed address, same as ORG
* POOL - symbols, a stack-like pool of addresses, same as LABPOOL