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Dave cb61d89fbd Merge branch 'mounting-hw' 2023-12-09 09:44:22 -06:00
Dave 150b6de0d8 Update to include mounting hardware
- Fix all components to include full information including BOM

- Include all mounting hardware in components List

- fix schematic to align on 0.1" grid.
2023-12-09 09:42:40 -06:00
Dave 3b24e0ea07 Add some mounting hardware 2023-12-04 23:54:05 -06:00
Dave 953b9f7496 Add dipswitches back to Ace keymap 2023-11-27 12:30:14 -06:00
Dave 90ec095f97 True up Franklin 1000 key spacing
- Make sure each 1U is 0.75 inch.
- Record key width for all keys > 1U, and ensure spacing is correct.
- create symbols for the mx keys
2023-11-27 01:14:13 -06:00
David Fenyes 24ffa280bd Update version and some text strings 2023-11-22 10:48:02 -06:00
Dave 7a20f70ce4 OSI Interface: Add special keys to repo. 2023-11-22 09:22:23 -06:00
Dave 506db36ed8 Fixed multiple problems with OSI interface
- off-by-one connections to keyboard connector
- wrong demultiplexing of select signals
- 2OE on 74LS240 was not inverted, resulting in wrong circuit.
- use pre-jumpered row diodes.
- fixed off-grid errors on schematic
2023-11-11 17:51:33 -06:00
Dave ee94c8f531 Merge branch 'franklin-temp' 2023-11-05 16:58:40 -06:00
Dave 5dcf744da5 More key fixes 2023-11-05 16:35:53 -06:00
Dave f0236a5281 Merge branch 'franklin-temp' of into franklin-temp 2023-11-05 16:34:52 -06:00
dfnr2 cfa8a7f4a5
Franklin updates (#44)
* Remove rowcol references.

Will re-implement row-col scanner after keymap improvements.

* Fix number row sizes in keycap spec
2023-11-05 16:32:00 -06:00
Dave c6dec23634 Fix number row sizes in keycap spec 2023-08-30 22:36:07 -05:00
Dave 2383e32da8 Moved some keys to better position 2023-08-04 08:15:54 -05:00
Dave ecae8510db Update the keyboard to use project conventions
- Use the dual footprints for futaba / cherry keys
- Include a diode for every key (dual SMT/TH options)
- Add stabilizers to the spacebar
- Add cherry and futaba aligner plates
- Add SMT resistor option
- Add unified retro keyboard text
2023-07-18 01:22:10 -05:00
Dave 386c389f36 Updates to Franklin Ace keyboard
- Use the dual footprints for futaba / cherry keys

- include a diode for every key.

- Add stabilizers to the spacebar

- The Franklin keyboard is 9u, but it's very hard to find a 9u option. Instead, use 8u+1u

- Replace the LOCK key with a 1.75U key with LED window. Fix LED spacing to match original.
2023-07-02 16:28:08 -05:00
Dave 812f49ab20 Remove rowcol references.
Will re-implement row-col scanner after keymap improvements.
2023-05-12 22:42:31 -05:00
Dave f988d60603 Add franklin ace PCB 2023-05-08 00:41:30 -05:00
Dave 75173c875a remove kicad_prl file from version control 2023-05-07 22:15:54 -05:00
Dave 0c5ba4895c More work on diode-per-keyboard
extend spacebar to 9u
2023-05-07 17:23:27 -05:00
Dave 6ae95020dc Updates to franklin keyboard
- use new dual key footprints

- clean up violations

- convert to kicad 7

- on schematic, add diode per key

- start substituting unified keyboard project parts for standard kicad parts.
2023-05-07 14:27:54 -05:00
Dave b4c59c9a79 Add mounting holes to OSI keyboard cutout
- update OSI mounting hole footprint to include holes on eco2 so they
will be included with DXF exports of the OSI keyboard cutout on Eco2
2023-04-22 02:25:00 -05:00
Dave 411aa4e3fd Restore mounting holes
A prior commit apparently deleted several mounting holes.

- restore mounting holes
- update to Kicad7
- fix DRC errors resulting from update
- update footprints to use new shaped pads
2023-04-22 02:07:32 -05:00
Dave 663561c9f7 add osi mounting holes to ECO2 layer
In unikbd library, add eco2 layer holes to the OSI mounting holes part.
Since the osi keyboard cutout is on the eco2 layer, this allows the
mounting holes to be exported along with the cutout for case design.
2023-04-21 17:12:05 -05:00
Dave f66d8ba553 add OSI mounting holes to eco-2 layer in part lib
The Eco2 layer is used for OSI mounting holes.  Adding the eco2 layer to
the OSI mounting holes part allows export of these parts along with the
keyboard cutout as a DXF for case design.
2023-04-21 17:10:08 -05:00
Dave e505693c38 Add rowcol to keymap list and cmakefile 2023-04-21 17:00:44 -05:00
Dave da0e89ed5e Define default row scanner in arch headers
- in header files, change ASDF_ARCH_DEFAULT_SCANNER to

- remove unused ASDF_NUM_KEYMAPS definition in
2023-04-18 02:46:43 -05:00
Dave 3f2e8aa249 Add hook for keyscan routine
A new hook was added, ASDF_HOOK_KEY_SCANNER.  This allows the entire keyscan routine
to be specified for each keymap.
2023-04-17 11:51:08 -05:00
dfnr2 b9927a3aad
Update 2023-03-22 12:00:09 -05:00
dfnr2 f3c2bf8c39
Update 2023-03-18 19:33:51 -05:00
Christopher Ryu 30ac997552
Add support for Franklin ACE 1000 replacement keyboard (#42)
* Initial commit.

* Add support for Franklin ACE 1000.

* Add ace1000_keyboard_test() for completeness.

* Add link to replacement keyboard.

* Add Franklin ACE 1000 replacement keyboard link.

* Add Franklin ACE 1000 keyboard.

* Activate caps-lock at powerup, and swap keymaps accordingly.


Co-authored-by: Christopher RYU <>
2023-03-18 19:30:04 -05:00
Dave 783ff8c644 Update key footprints for better pad definitions 2023-02-26 23:27:00 -06:00
Dave 1e3b5d1c50 Remove unused function 2023-01-02 04:17:27 -06:00
Dave ae4c228fff Merge branch 'asdf-build-test' 2023-01-02 04:10:52 -06:00
Dave 6a3c0073e5 remove phantom include 2023-01-02 04:07:28 -06:00
Dave f156ad9d80 removed extraneous function and source file61C0C5F1 2023-01-02 04:05:28 -06:00
Dave 327d8ec913 Fixes for
- fix top dir to "."
- "clean" removes hex files and toc files from doc source directory
2023-01-02 03:30:03 -06:00
Dave f4ace5a9cb change install dir 2023-01-02 03:21:18 -06:00
Dave 62b27e0a3d fix videx keymappings fix applesoft keytest prog
- fixed the videx-like keymappings for the upper/lower keyboard
- moved @ to SHIFT-0 from CTRL-0, and put ID on CTRL-0
- bind the applesoft key test program to CTRL-3
- cram the keyboard test program into one line, to avoid adding a delay
 for BASIC parsing after the CR.
 - in main(), output only printable codes less than INVALID_CODE,
- instead of checking for code != INVALID_CODE.
2023-01-02 03:06:10 -06:00
Dave 8c8e021061 Add character test to apple keymap 2023-01-01 14:36:03 -06:00
Dave 573d6f842b Add user-bindable function to print ascii chars 2022-12-30 17:36:15 -06:00
Dave 14f7f1ed3e Added videx-style bindings to apple map
At the suggestion of @softwarejanitor, added the following ctrl codes to
upper/lower apple map:

CTRL-0: @
CTRL-1: | (vertical bar)
CTRL-2: ~ (tilde)
CTRL-6: ^ (caret)
CTRL-7: ` (grave)
CTRL-8: { (open curly brace)
CTRL-9: } (close curly brace)
CTRL--: _ (ctrl-dash -> underscore)
CTRL-,: [ (ctrl-comma -> open bracket)
CTRL-.: ] (ctrl-period -> close bracket)
CTRL-/: \ (ctrl-fwd_slash -> backslash)
2022-12-30 16:33:57 -06:00
Dave fe06e606d9 Merge branch 'videx' 2022-12-30 13:22:43 -06:00
Dave 23cbbeea54 Fixed root cmake root directory
- The previous commit changed the invocation of Cmake, which changed the
root directory.  This broke the web page build.
2022-12-30 13:06:44 -06:00
Dave ca8cff670a Streamline build and add more processor variants
- CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt: user ARCH for the actual
processor, and ARCH_FAMILY to specify the arch_*.[ch] files.

- generic-gcc-avr.cmake: fix optimizations to O1 or O0

- simplify cmake invocation, eliminate mkdir+cd,
instead use cmake flags to specify directory names and source dir.
2022-12-30 02:31:02 -06:00
David Fenyes 27f2616d22 Remove extraneous include 2022-12-27 15:30:57 -06:00
Dave cec0081bd4 Update readme 2022-12-04 10:48:01 -06:00
Dave d944b71f7f Updates to ASDF readme 2022-12-04 10:08:55 -06:00
Dave afdf74bd51 Fixed top CMakeLists.txt
replaced "asdf-" in target name with ${PROJECT_NAME}-, so now setting
project name (and version) in the project section will result in a
properly named result.
2022-12-03 20:44:42 -06:00
Dave bab5d3c8ab Merge branch 'asdf-build-test'
Fix yaml file
2022-12-03 04:34:49 -06:00