2018-09-05 14:20:12 -07:00

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Apple II Joystick Adapter

This small board lets you plug a 16-pin joystick into the external 9-pin joystick port on the Apple IIe. Although the Apple IIe has an internal 16-pin joystick port, I found that the connector on my joystick was too big to fit through any of the holes on the back of the IIe. So, I created this adapter to let me plug it in externally.

This adapter could also be useful for the Apple IIc, which does not have a 16-pin joystick port at all, although I have not tested it on a IIc.

Bill of Materials


This project is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The symbol and footprint for the DE-9 connector are from the official KiCad 5 library (CC-BY-SA 4.0 with exception).