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Setup starting from scratch

  1. DIY instructions and PCB coming but it is recommended to buy a board from Ralle Palaveev
  2. Attach Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W with a micro USB OTG cable
  3. Install Raspberry Pi OS on microSD card using a modern computer
    1. Use Raspberry Pi Imager
    2. Click "Choose OS"
    3. Select Other => "Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64 bit)" for the Zero 2 W
    4. Click on the gear icon in the bottom right
    5. Enable ssh
    6. Set password
    7. Configure wifi
    8. Set locale settings
  4. Put microSD card in the RPi
  5. Install the expansion card into the Apple II
  6. Power on the Apple II
  7. Use ssh to connect to the RPi using the password you configured
  8. wget --no-cache -O - 1 | bash


You can support two drives and change their drive images.

  1. Modify the ExecStart line in /etc/systemd/system/apple2driver.service and make it something like the following: ExecStart=/home/pi/Apple2-IO-RPi/RaspberryPi/apple2driver/apple2driver -cdc=true -d1 /home/pi/Apple2-IO-RPi/RaspberryPi/Apple2-IO-RPi.hdv -d2 /home/pi/Apple2-IO-RPi/RaspberryPi/TotalReplay401.hdv
  2. sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  3. sudo systemctl restart apple2driver.service