Project to create an 3D-printed custom enclosure for the BMOW FloppyEmu - shaped like the historic Apple Disk II drive from 1978

Updated 10 months ago

Project to provide keyboard replacements for various classic computers, as well as classic ASCII keyboard

Updated 1 week ago

GAL chip programmer for Arduino

Updated 24 hours ago

Simple Arduino-based EEPROM programmer

Updated 2 months ago

Simple Serial Card, an Apple Super Serial Card clone

Updated 2 weeks ago

Arduino project to convert Apple IIe keyboard to USB using Teensy 2.0.

Updated 6 years ago

Internal BlueSCSI for Apple IIgs and //e

Updated 2 months ago

RAMWorks-compatible auxiliary RAM expansion card for Apple IIe

Updated 2 years ago

Prototype PS/2 mouse and keyboard card for Apple II

Updated 3 years ago

Apple II "bus jumper" card. Connects DMA and INT in/out pins of non-adjacent slots

Updated 4 years ago

8 MB RAM expansion card for Apple IIgs

Updated 1 year ago

8 MB RAMFactor-compatible Apple II memory expansion card

Updated 3 days ago

128 kB Saturn 128k-compatible RAM expansion card for Apple II

Updated 4 weeks ago

Apple //e emulator, primarily for the Teensy 4.1

Updated 1 year ago

Prototyping card for developing new hardware for legacy Apple ][, //e and //gs computers.

Updated 4 years ago