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This project would not have been a success without help from the Apple // community, especially the appleiigs slack channel where I got tons of help and encouragement. I have to thank some people for their support, help, contribution of code and other materials that helped make BuGS possible. Please know that if your name is missing, that is my fault. I should have been keeping track of this early on but I find myself writing this in the later days of the project and I am almost certainly going to make a mistake. I apologize if I have left you off and I would encourage you to contact me and help me correct my mistake.

  • @fatdog on slack who provided multiple sound samples for the game including the spider, flea and the beat sound. As well, he provided the wonderful icon for the game.
  • Mark Collins who pointed me to a source of sound effects and information on how to convert digital sound into a format that would work on the GS.
  • John Brooks who was instrumental in getting the animation algorithm performant. He described a series of optimizations that I could persue and sure enough, implementing a couple of them got me back to 60 frames per second. He also provided code for a fast random number generator and fast mouse polling.
  • Antoine Vignau for his technical support, especially when it came time to look at sound. He often posted comments that warned me that the road I was going down was going to be a problem (like trying to use the toolbox for polling the mouse) and of course he was right.
  • Brutal Deluxe in general for their incredible reference information about the Apple //GS, especially their page about Mr. Sprite. I very nearly used Mr. Sprite for this project but there were further assumptions and optimizations I could do because of the limited colour palette so I decided to hand code my sprites. But the ideas were key to my approach and I read those webpages multiple times.
  • Jason Andersen for pointers to some low level sound routines which I could use for reference.
  • Dagen Brock for GSPlus and for his technical support and encouragement on slack. GSPlus was the emulator I used primarily and when I did a "build and run", GSPlus always launched reliably and quickly so I could test the latest code.
  • Andrew Roughan for his work testing the beta builds and helping to make the release as good as possible.
  • Mike Westerfield and Byte Works for the ORCA tools which I have used for building this project.
  • Kelvin Sherlock for GoldenGate and Profuse which are the fundamental tools I used for building this project.
  • Ken Gagne and Juiced.GS for making tools like ORCA and GoldenGate available.
  • Stephen Heumann for NetDisk which I used to transfer my latest build to my real GS for testing.
  • Ewen Wannop (Speccie) for his great network tools, especially Versions which I am using to assist in pushing out fixes and new versions of BuGS. I had a problem with the Check File Finder extension but very quickly he found the problem. I very much appreciate his support getting that problem fixed.

Apple // Forever!