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# ProDOS-Utils
File management utilities for the ProDOS operating system on the Apple II
- [Sortdir](https://github.com/bobbimanners/ProDOS-Utils/blob/master/README-sortdir.md) - Directory sorting and conversion utility for ProDOS.
- [VEServer](https://github.com/bobbimanners/ProDOS-Utils/blob/master/README-veserver.md) - Python server for ADT's `VEDRIVE.SYSTEM`
- [Sortdir](https://github.com/bobbimanners/ProDOS-Utils/blob/master/README-sortdir.md) - Directory sorting and conversion utility for ProDOS. In addition to sorting individual directories, subtrees or entire volumes in a flexible manner, it also offers options for converting dates and filenames between ProDOS 2.5 and 'classic ProDOS' <= 2.4.x, and includes a thorough filesystem check and repair feature.
- [VEServer](https://github.com/bobbimanners/ProDOS-Utils/blob/master/README-veserver.md) - Python server for ADT's `VEDRIVE.SYSTEM`.
- [Extend](https://github.com/bobbimanners/ProDOS-Utils/blob/master/README-extend.md) - Simple utility for patching the volume directory of a ProDOS 2.5 volume so that it can extend beyond the usual 4 block (51 entry) limit.
- [NS.CLKUW.SYSTEM](https://github.com/bobbimanners/ProDOS-Utils/blob/master/No_Slot_Clock/README.md) - Modified `NS.CLOCK.SYSTEM` which allows No Slot Clock to work with the RM Ultrawarp accelerator.