HGR Character Generator for the Apple //
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Apple // Character Generator for HGR

  • Author: Urs Hochstrasser
  • Date: 1987
  • Platform: Apple //
  • Language: 6502 Assembly
  • IDE used: Merlin Assembler (8-Bit)

My assembly line dabblings created back in 1987. In fact this is already version 4 of a project I probably started back in the early 80ies.

I provide the code as is. I havent touched it for decades. Have fun!


  • CHRDEF.BAS An Applesoft Basic program to create the neccessary fonts. It is a TXT file to be EXECed to become a real Applesoft program. Probably wont work out of the box since it contains code for joystick and mouse (//c first ROM), which might not work on all Apple // machines.
  • chrgen400.s Merlin source for the Character Generator 4.02
  • KEYGEN22.DSK.zip Zipped DSK file containing a demo and some font files (DOS 3.3). Unfortunately some emulators cant cope with “bit shifted” pixels, so the font may look a bit odd.