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Apple II Terminal Info

These are terminfo entries for Apple II terminals:

  • GS/OS Console
  • GNO Console
  • Apple II Extended 80 column card
  • ProTerm Special Emulation

Plus a .bashrc file to make them more usable in Unix.


Well, the main reason is that I wrote a terminal emulator that emulates the previously mentioned terminals. As such, I needed terminfo entries to be useful.

These are largely based on the GNO/ME /etc/termcap file but some errors have been fixed.


git clone https://github.com/ksherlock/a2-terminfo.git
cd a2-terminfo
make install

(Will install to your ~/.terminfo directory)


When in doubt, run tput reset

A lot of software ignores your terminfo and uses hard-coded vt100/ansi escape sequences. tmux or screen can be used as a vt100 emulator.
Or use better software.

Most control codes have a meaning for Apple II terminals. Therfore displaying control codes (such as catting binary files) is likely to have unanticipated consequences. Refer to previous instructions on tput reset. One particular example that deserves mentioning: ESC activates mouse-text in the GNO console. ESC is also THE vt100 control code.

less (and more, when it's less) strips non-vt100 control codes. Use the -r (raw) flag if you want them to pass through.