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Apple II Audit

This repository contains routines to audit Apple II computers (II, II+, IIe, IIc), providing information about hardware, ROM versions, RAM configuration, and behavior.

The file to download and try is audit/audit.dsk.

Seagull Srs Micro Software

Eventually, it should comprise a complete emulator test suite, enabling emulator writers to systematically identify and eliminate software-testable differences from real hardware. If a difference visible to code can be found, a test should be added to this suite.

Error messages

Error messages can be viewed at zellyn.com/a2audit/a2audit/v0 or on github.



  • toolchain for automation (diskii)
  • sha1sum assembly code (currently not used yet because it's slow)
  • language card tests
  • main/auxiliary memory softswitch behavior tests
  • softswitch reading tests
  • Incorporate Cxxx testing into data-driven test
  • Add testcases for Cxxx testing
  • duplicate HOME and COUT routines from AppleII, so IIe tests don't depend on Cxxx ROM working
  • Some simple "same result from two different modes" graphics tests


  • IIe: check that we really have 128K (aux switching actually does anything)
  • IIe: don't test auxmem softswitches if we only have 64k
  • weirder softswitch behavior corner cases
  • floating-bus tests
  • dbl lores tests
  • weird lores tests
  • undelayed hires tests

Raison d'être

This test suite is a step on the way to implementing Apple IIe (enhanced) support in OpenEmulator: I may alternate adding tests here and features there.

See also

  • Tom Charlesworth's mb-audit, a similar tests for MockingBoard sound cards.