More updates to ZP defs.

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Eric Smith 2016-12-21 22:26:16 -07:00
parent d0b3073c2d
commit 75584e8260

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@ -31,8 +31,7 @@ fcstrm macro s
; 00-01, 3a-46
Z18 equ $18
Z26 equ $26
Z27 equ $27
boot_buf_ptr equ $26
bubble_track equ $2a
@ -46,20 +45,15 @@ Z35 equ $35
cswl equ $36 ; monitor: character output vector (two bytes)
Z38 equ $38
Z3a equ $3a
Z3b equ $3b
Z3c equ $3c ; ProDOS: pointer to BMC data register (two bytes)
Z3d equ $3d
Z3e equ $3e
Z3f equ $3f
Z41 equ $41
; boot ROM variables
boot_sector_num equ $3d
boot_track_num equ $41
boot_retry_count equ $47
@ -215,7 +209,7 @@ bmc_cmd_reset_fifo equ $1d
ldx $20 ; $Cn01 = $20
ldy #$00 ; $Cn03 = $00
ldx #$03 ; $Cn05 = $03
stx Z3c ; $Cn07 = $3C, bootable by original Autostart ROM,
stx $3c ; $Cn07 = $3C, bootable by original Autostart ROM,
; no SmartPort support
; get the slot number we're running in
@ -233,11 +227,11 @@ bmc_cmd_reset_fifo equ $1d
lda led_on,x
lda #$00
sta Z26
sta Z3d
sta Z41
sta boot_buf_ptr
sta boot_sector_num
sta boot_track_num
lda #$08
sta Z27
sta boot_buf_ptr+1
bcc boot ; always taken
@ -257,12 +251,12 @@ boot: lda c8xx_rom_disable
ldx dos_slot_16
lda #$00
sta Z2f
lda Z41
lda boot_track_num
sbc #$03
bpl Lc671
lda Z41
Lc671: sta Z41
lda boot_track_num
Lc671: sta boot_track_num
@ -270,14 +264,14 @@ Lc671: sta Z41
rol Z2f
sta Z2e
ldy Z41
ldy boot_track_num
bne Lc687
ldy Z3d
ldy boot_sector_num
lda Dcae8,y
bpl Lc697
Lc687: ldy Z3d
Lc687: ldy boot_sector_num
lda Dcad8,y
ldy Z41
ldy boot_track_num
cpy #$0e
bne Lc697
@ -305,9 +299,9 @@ Lc6b3: jsr rdbub
bcs Lc6cb
lda spkr ; click speaker
inc Z27
inc Z3d
lda Z3d
inc boot_buf_ptr+1
inc boot_sector_num
lda boot_sector_num
jsr Sce83
ldx dos_slot_16
bcc boot
@ -423,12 +417,12 @@ Lc856: cmp Dc08c,x
Lc860: lda led_on,x
jsr click
ldy #rwts_iopb_buf_ptr ; copy buf ptr from RWTS IOPB to Z26
ldy #rwts_iopb_buf_ptr ; copy buf ptr from RWTS IOPB to boot_buf_ptr
lda (rwts_iopb),y
sta Z26
sta boot_buf_ptr
lda (rwts_iopb),y
sta Z26+1
sta boot_buf_ptr+1
ldy #rwts_iopb_prev_volume ; set volume of last access to 254
lda #254
@ -543,7 +537,7 @@ rwts_check_status:
beq rwts_drive_error ; otherwise report drive error
ldy #rwts_iopb_dct_ptr ; copy IOPB DCT ptr to Z3c
ldy #rwts_iopb_dct_ptr ; copy IOPB DCT ptr
lda (rwts_iopb),y ; (presumably for RWTS compatibility)
sta rwts_dct
@ -793,7 +787,7 @@ Lca36: jsr Sc9f2
ldx #$00
lda (Z2c,x)
ldx dos_slot_16
sta (Z26),y
sta (boot_buf_ptr),y
jmp Lca36
@ -821,7 +815,7 @@ wrbub: jsr dos_setup_data_reg_ptr
; write data loop
Lca68: jsr Sc9f2
bcs Lca79
lda (Z26),y
lda (boot_buf_ptr),y
ldx #$00
sta (Z2c,x)
@ -864,16 +858,16 @@ inbitmap:
bpl inbitmap_done
lda #$fe
ldy #$06
sta (Z26),y
sta (boot_buf_ptr),y
lda #$00
ldy #$44
Lcab1: sta (Z26),y
Lcab1: sta (boot_buf_ptr),y
cpy #$4c
bne Lcab1
lda #$e0
sta (Z26),y
sta (boot_buf_ptr),y
@ -968,10 +962,10 @@ Lcb6b: ldy Zbe
lda #$02
bcs Lcb7a
Lcb77: ldy D03a8
Lcb7a: sty Z26
sta Z27
Lcb7a: sty boot_buf_ptr
sta boot_buf_ptr+1
sty Z3e
sta Z3f
sta Z3e+1
jsr initchk
bcc Lcb8c
Lcb87: jsr initial
@ -1049,9 +1043,9 @@ Lcbfb: lda led_on,x
jmp Lcca0
Lcc12: lda D03e8
sta Z26
sta boot_buf_ptr
lda D03e9
sta Z27
sta boot_buf_ptr+1
lda D03e2
sta D03e3
lda D03e0
@ -1158,9 +1152,9 @@ Lcccf: asl prodos_block
asl prodos_block
rol prodos_block+1
lda prodos_buf
sta Z3a
sta prodos_buf_ptr
lda prodos_buf+1
sta Z3b
sta prodos_buf_ptr+1
jsr Sccf4
Lcce6: pla
sta prodos_block+1
@ -1178,7 +1172,7 @@ Sccf4: lda #$00
sta Z3f
lda prodos_unit
and #$70
sta Z3e
sta prodos_slot_16
jsr Scd5e
lda prodos_unit
sta prodos_prev_unit
@ -1438,10 +1432,10 @@ Lce89: lda Dce7f,x
bne Lce99
bpl Lce89
inc Z3d
inc boot_sector_num
bcc Lce9e
Lce99: lda Z3d
Lce99: lda boot_sector_num
cmp D0800
Lce9e: rts