2017-11-09 20:20:04 -08:00

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Apple 2 Soft Switch

Inspired by Anthony's program over in c.s.a2 here is a Applesoft BASIC program to display a memory map and limited soft switches.

Screenshot Desc Screenshot Addr


  • ESC = exit
  • SPC = toggle status lines to show description / soft-switch addresss

NOTE: The IO soft switch address don't exactly match the hardware switches due to:

a) some are contiguous b) some require multiple locations to activate (i.e. TEXT/GR and Lo-Res/Hi-Res)

Future Versions?

Removing the RW columns gives us a little more space on the right. Here is a mock-up:

v4    ___READ___ __WRITE___   
$FFFF|    ROM   |    ROM   |   C088 BANK2
$E000|__________|__________|  /C081 HRAMWRT
     |    ROM   |    ROM   | / C080 HRAMRD
$D000|__________|__________|/  C057 HIRES
     :__________:__________:   C055 PAGE2
$BFFF|    AUX   |    AUX   |\  C008 ALTZP
$6000|__________|__________| \ C004 RAMWRT
     |    AUX   |    AUX   |  \C002 RAMRD
$4000|__________|__________|   C000 80STORE


Ver 4

  • Version number now shown in top left
  • Fixed 80STORE=1 display for HGR1 and TEXT1
  • Removed most odd addresses in the main 48 KB as they were cluttering up the display too much.