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@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ Contiki maintainers to look at!
All code contributions to Contiki are submitted as [Github pull
requests](https://help.github.com/articles/using-pull-requests). Pull
requests will be reviewed and accepted according to the guidelines
found in the [[Pull Request Policy]]
found in the next section.
The basic guidelines to to start a Pull-Request:
* Create a new branch for your modifications. This branch should be based on the latest contiki master branch.
@ -183,6 +183,21 @@ $ git push origin my_new_feature -f
* NOTE: To avoid all the pain of selectively picking commits, rebasing and force-pushing - begin your development with a branch OTHER THAN your master branch, and push changes to that branch after any local commits.
Pull Request Merging Policy
Pull requests (PRs) are reviewed by the [merge team](https://github.com/orgs/contiki-os/people).
Generally, PRs require two "+1" before they can be merged by someone on the merge team.
The since Contiki 3.0, the merging policy is the following:
* The PR receives **one "-1"** from a merge team member (along with specific feedback). The PR is closed. A "-1" must be accompanied with a clear explanation why the PR will not be considered for inclusion.
* The PR receives **two "+1"** from merge team members. The PR is merged.
* The PR was inactive for **two months**. A team member may either:
* Comment "Is there any interest for this PR? Is there any work pending on it? If not I will close it in **one month**." Back to initial state in case of activity, close otherwise.
* Comment "I approve this PR. If nobody disapproves within **one month**, I will merge it." Back to initial state in case of activity, merge otherwise.
There is an exception to the rule.
Code that requires esoteric expertise such as some applications, platforms or tools can be merged after a single "+1" from its domain expert.
Travis / Regression testing