Fast Apple II hi-res graphics
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Fast graphics routines for the Apple II
By Andy McFadden
Version 0.3, August 2015


The fdraw library provides fast rendering of points, lines, rectangles, and circles, as well as high-speed screen clears, for Apple II hi-res graphics. It can be used from Applesoft or 6502 assembly language.

Two disk images are available in the fdraw-disks zip archive. is a 140K disk image with the demos that will run on an Apple ][+ or later. fdrawdev.po is an 800K disk image with the source code, demos, and a few extras.

A video of the demos running in the AppleWin emulator is available.

Learn more about how fdraw works in the library documentation. In addition to documenting the API, it provides an overview of Apple II graphics, an assessment of the performance of each of the routines, and some ideas on how the speed could be increased (usually by spending more memory).

Learn about the demos in the demo documentation.

Learn more about what possessed me to write a graphics library for the Apple II more than 20 years after the platform was discontinued in the fadden's brain documentation.

The main bits of source code are accessible from git for easy viewing, but the "official" home is the fdrawdev.po image.

All code is copyright 2015 by Andy McFadden. All rights reserved. The source code is available under the Apache 2 license (a very friendly open-source license).

Version History

v0.1 March 13, 2006

No source code, just a demo with fast filled circles and screen clears.

v0.2 March 20, 2006

Polished up the sources and published. This version implemented Clear, FillRect, FillCircle, and FillRaster.

v0.3 August 21, 2015

Added DrawPoint, DrawLine, DrawRect, DrawCircle, and SetLineMode. Various size and performance improvements.

Added Amperfdraw to make Applesoft BASIC programming easier.

Added several more demos and tests.

Added documentation.