Festro by Digarok - Apple II intro/demo with a KansasFest theme - 65c02 assembly
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What: This is an audio visual demonstration program for the Apple II computer.  It's in the vein of a demoscene intro and the theme is based on KansasFest, which is an annual conference of Apple II enthusiasts.

Why: I had wanted to release the code for the fire effect and I decided to make a little demo out of it.  I also was hoping I might raise a little awareness for the KansasFest event. 

Who: Originally by Digarok (Dagen Brock), but it's intentionally on github so that anyone can add on more to it, or take the effects and tweak or improve them, etc.

When: Initially release December 21st of 2012, though you'll note this is for the upcoming event in 2013.

How: Written in 65c02 Assembly, targeted for compilation using Merlin 8/16+.  Not included are some tools to generate the "sprites" and such. 

Download the FESTRO.dsk file and boot it up in any Apple II emulator.  

Download the FESTRO.dsk file and transfer it to a floppy (ADTPro, etc) and boot it up in the disk drive of your Apple II ... OR ... transfer it to your CFFA-type device (something that can boot images directly) and boot that.

The code quality isn't great, but I've got to move on.  There are a lot of individual parts that are totally fine and perfectly well laid-out and easy to understand.  Then there are other parts that are hacked in a bit (I just threw in sound at the last minute), poorly commented, and so on.  I'm not beating up on it though, as I'm happy with the final result.  I got to verify my theory that I could do a fullscreen fire effect at a reasonable framerate on a stock Apple IIe.  I would have loved to try a double-low resolution version of the fire, or add some high-resolution effects to the demo, but again, I've got to move on.