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# Mouse Maze (the original)
This application was written for summer school in 1983. I was 15. It was written in Applesoft BASIC using shape tables and twiddling the speaker (for buzzes and other noises). General gist is to escape from the evil Mad Scientist.
## Disk Image
If you're curious, ![MouseMaze.dsk](MouseMaze.dsk) is an Apple II disk image. Load the disk into your emulator of choice, boot this disk, and type:
## The Main Characters
You play Henry, the Mouse.
And you must not be stopped by the Evil Robots!
## Your Obsticals
Bombs, randomly placed, detonate randomly during game play or if they're shot!
Mines are placed by the Evil Robots in the higher levels.
And, worst of all, your own corpses.
## Freedom!
The doorway to freedom...
# Screenshots
In all reality, noone will play the game, but here are a few screenshots to give an overview if this old beast...
## Help
![Help Screen](/doc/original/HelpScreen.gif)
## Gameplay
![Game Screen](/doc/original/GameScreen.gif)
## Winning
![Winning Screen](/doc/original/WinningScreen.gif)