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@ -55,6 +55,23 @@ copy program.
If all does not go well, Passport will
tell you where it all went wrong.
During the process, you can press any
key to cancel immediately.
If you have a two-sided disk where only
one side is bootable, after the first
side completes, you can press `2` to
reuse the captured RWTS on the second
If Passport stops because of read errors
but you suspect the errors are due to
physical damage (as opposed to just copy
protection), you can retry the process
ignoring errors by pressing `Ctrl-R`.
The resulting copy may or may not be
In any case, Passport will NEVER write
to or alter your original disk in any
way. And neither should you! Don't
@ -62,14 +79,6 @@ reduce the number of original disks in
the world; they aren't making any more
of them.
During crack processing, you can hit
the `ESC` key to stop. Whether the
crack completes because it finished
successfully or not, you can retry the
samenthing again by hitting the `2`
key, or retry with ignoring errors
with the key combination `CTRL-R`.
## Supported protections
Passport targets common protection