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@ -402,7 +402,7 @@ Passport is open source and is
distributed under the MIT license.
Copyright (c) 2016-2022 by 4am
Copyright (c) 2016-2023 by 4am
Permission is hereby granted, free of
charge, to any person obtaining a copy
@ -438,6 +438,35 @@ IN THE SOFTWARE.
## History
development branch
- NEW: patchers/didatech.a (fixes
Crosscountry USA, Crosscountry
Canada, Crosscountry California)
- NEW: patchers/microlearn.a (fixes
US Constitution Tutor, SAT English 1)
- NEW: patchers/probs5.a (fixes
Decimals Analyzer, Whole Numbers
- NEW: patchers/t00_neosoft.a (fixes
Comparison Kitchen, Animal Photo Fun)
- NEW: patchers/t00_scottforesman.a
(fixes Addition and Subtraction 4,
Decimals 3, Dinosaurs and Squids)
- NEW: patchers/t00_scottforesman_
dos33.a (fixes Addition and
Subtraction 3, Decimals 2)
- IMPROVED: patchers/d5d5f7.a (fixes
Les Sports)
- IMPROVED: patchers/gamco.a (fixes
- IMPROVED: patchers/sierra.a (fixes
secondary anti-tamper check in
The General Manager)
- IMPROVED: patchers/sigcheck.a (fixes
Water Pollution)
- IMPROVED: patchers/t00_rwtslog.a
(fixes The Treasure of Forest Isle)
- NEW: patchers/mak.a (fixes "Kittens,
Kids, and a Frog")