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@ -29,11 +29,9 @@ dsk: md asm compress
cp res/blank.2mg build/"$(DISK)" >>build/log
cp res/_FileInformation.txt build/ >>build/log
$(CADIUS) ADDFILE build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/" "build/LAUNCHER.SYSTEM" >>build/log
for f in res/*.conf; do rsync -aP "$$f" build/$$(basename $$f | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]') >>build/log; done
rsync -aP res/credits.txt build/CREDITS >>build/log
rsync -aP res/help.txt build/HELPTEXT >>build/log
rsync -aP res/PREFS.CONF build/PREFS.CONF >> build/log
bin/ 512 build/PREFS.CONF >>build/log
for f in res/TITLE res/COVER res/HELP build/*.CONF build/CREDITS build/HELPTEXT; do $(CADIUS) ADDFILE build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/" "$$f" >>build/log; done
for f in res/TITLE res/COVER res/HELP res/*.CONF res/CREDITS res/HELPTEXT; do $(CADIUS) ADDFILE build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/" "$$f" >>build/log; done
bin/ res/TITLE.HGR "06" "4000" >>build/log
bin/ res/TITLE.DHGR "06" "4000" >>build/log
bin/ res/ACTION.HGR "06" "3FF8" >>build/log
@ -42,8 +40,7 @@ dsk: md asm compress
bin/ res/ARTWORK.SHR "06" "1FF8" >>build/log
bin/ res/ATTRACT "04" "8000" >>build/log
bin/ res/SS "04" "4000" >>build/log
for f in res/title.hgr res/title.dhgr res/action.hgr res/action.dhgr res/ res/artwork.shr res/attract res/ss res/demo res/title.animated; do rsync -aP "$$f"/* build/$$(basename $$f | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]') >>build/log; done
for f in build/TITLE.* build/ACTION.* build/ARTWORK.* build/ATTRACT build/SS build/DEMO build/TITLE.ANIMATED; do $(CADIUS) ADDFOLDER build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/$$(basename $$f)" "$$f" >>build/log; done
for f in res/TITLE.* res/ACTION.* res/ARTWORK.* res/ATTRACT res/SS res/DEMO res/TITLE.ANIMATED; do $(CADIUS) ADDFOLDER build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/$$(basename $$f)" "$$f" >>build/log; done
for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6; do $(CADIUS) RENAMEFILE build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/DEMO/SPCARTOON.$${i}$${i}" "SPCARTOON.$${i}." >>build/log; done
$(CADIUS) ADDFOLDER build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/FX" "build/FX" >>build/log
$(CADIUS) CREATEFOLDER build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/X/" >>build/log
@ -80,18 +77,7 @@ mount: dsk
osascript bin/V2Make.scpt "`pwd`" bin/4cade.vii build/"$(DISK)"
mkdir -p build/po
mkdir -p build/X
mkdir -p build/TITLE.HGR
mkdir -p build/TITLE.DHGR
mkdir -p build/ACTION.HGR
mkdir -p build/ACTION.DHGR
mkdir -p build/ACTION.GR
mkdir -p build/ARTWORK.SHR
mkdir -p build/TITLE.ANIMATED
mkdir -p build/ATTRACT
mkdir -p build/SS
mkdir -p build/DEMO
mkdir -p build/FX
mkdir -p build/PRELAUNCH

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