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Apple 2000 v1.3 Source Code

"Apple 2000" is a high performance Apple II computer system emulator that was made for the Amiga computer and released in the 1990's. The sourcecode is now being publicly released and open sourced for historical archival purposes. Enjoy!

Apple 2000 was written entirely in 68020 assembly language, and compiled with the DevPac 3 assembler. All the source files were included together (via main.s) and assembled as a single unit. There is also a runtime dependency on "ReqTools" by Nico Francois.


Apple 2000 has been open-sourced under the MIT license.


This program marks the beginning of my professional career as a videogame developer - one that continues to this day 20+ years later. You can reach the author, Kevin Kralian, at kevin.kralian AT gmail